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Frank Kern – 30 Days To Mass Control Millions – MODULE 1,2,3,4 + Bonus + Extras

30 Days To Mass Control Millions

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Frank Kern

30 Days To

Mass Control Millions

Training Center

  • Module 1: Planting The Seeds For Total Domination – Including REAL EXAMPLES from my actual businesses.

    Video 1: Map Out Your Plan Of Attack In Less Than 1 Hour.

    Video 2: Finding Your Mass Control Money Magnets.

    Video 3. Your Assignments.

    Video 4. Using Mind Maps to find hidden money.

    Video 5: How To Position Your Product For The Highest Perceived Value

    Video 6: The Deadly Howitzer Method.

  • Module 2: Creating Your Character And Story Line.

    Video 1: Creating Your Character.

    Assignment 3: Outline your building blocks.

    Video 2: Story Lines And Persuasive metaphors.

    Video 3: The Three Main Mass Control Story Lines.

    Video 4:  Us Vs. Them.

    Video 4 PDF:  Us Vs. Them Example PDF.

    Video 5: Home Town Boy Makes Good.

    Salesletter Critique: Casey’s Review.

  • Module 3: The Mass Control Formula.

    Video 1:  An Introduction To The Formula, Plus Some Good Old Fashioned Profanity!
    – this is in the Mass Control Month 1 Pack.

    Video 2:  A Detailed Breakdown Of The Formula.

    Video 3:  The The Mass Control Process.

  • Module 4: Implementing What You’ve Learned.

    Video 1: Laying Your Foundation.

    Video 2: Fire At Will! + affiliateletters.pdf

    Video 3: Unified Front Money Magnet Distribution.

    Video 4: An Example Of A “Bonding” Money Magnet.

    Video 5: An Example Of A “Proof” Money Magnet.

    Video 6: An Example Of A “Shock And Awe” Money Magnet.

    Video 7: The Death Grip.

    Implementation Step 3: Laying It Down

    Hotseat Recording: Brett Smith.



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