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Funnel Architects – Chris Gaudreau and Colin Scotland – Getting Clients on Autopilot with Twitter

Funnel Architects – Chris Gaudreau and Colin Scotland – Getting Clients on Autopilot with Twitter.mp4
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Hello Vaulters,

This is another quick and helpful training from Chris Gaudreau as part of his free-to-paid plan to develop great content and accelerate both his free and paid groups.

This is exclusive, and still open to everyone. Please DO NOT SHARE OUTSIDE THE VAULT!

Here’s the teaser post about the training…


This image represents Twitter (mama bird) stuffing leads (yummy grubs and whatnot) down your funnel’s throat.

But don’t worry… what comes out of the other end of your funnel will be MUCH better than what comes out of the other end of these baby birds.

“But HOW?” you say…

Settle down, my good friend Colin Scotland can show you exactly how he does it and how he teaches his clients to do the same.

Think Twitter is the land of dead and forgotten social automation? Where it’s just bots talking to bots? Where only celebs can gain any traction? Just a place to follow what people are saying about the Walking Dead episode you’re watching?

Well, you’re wrong.

I used to fill my calendar with 2-5 sales calls per week doing something similar to what Colin is teaching now.

Colin’s schedule got so busy he’s had to shut the system off to play catch up on the amount of new client work he’s now got on his plate.

His clients have had results like:
– An author who’s sold more books and landed speaking gigs
– A charity who landed 73 prospects in the 1st month
– A high ticket tech consultant who landed 4 $80k projects

All this was done for FREE using Twitter and some other free automation tools.

You like free?
Me too.

This is the kind of glorious training we keep adding to the Funnel Architects PRO membership site… where it remains accessible 24/7 forever along with all the other training, tools and resources.


I’m willing to bet that THIS would help MANY of you here.

And since I’m always fighting the FB algorithms for more reach to the people in my own group… I need engagement,
I’ll make you a deal.

If you comment on this post with a description of YOUR ideal prospect/customer, you can have FREE limited access to this training before I lock away in the membership vault forever.


I’ll be setting up a temporary page to put the training on.
It’s not up yet… I’ll PM you when it’s ready.
So, make sure we’re friends

Let’s get mama bird Twitter feeding your funnel babbies ASAP shall we?

It’s so simple and yet so few are doing it right, that it’s worth the hour you’ll spend seting this up, and the additional 10 minutes per day to keep the system working…

All comments and ratings are welcome!

May the profit be with you,
The Closer

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