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Gad Saad – Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences

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Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences by Gad Saad…

All individuals who operate in the business sphere, whether as consumers, employers, employees, entrepreneurs, or financial traders to name a few constituents, share a common biological heritage and are defined by a universal human nature.  As such, it is surprising that so few business scholars have incorporated biological and evolutionary-informed theories within their conceptual toolboxes.  This edited book addresses this lacuna by culling chapters at the intersection of the evolutionary behavioral sciences and specific business contexts including in marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, innovation and creativity, intertemporal choice, negotiations, competition and cooperation in organizational settings, sex differences in workplace patterns, executive leadership, business ethics, store design, behavioral decision making, and electronic communication.  To reword the famous aphorism of T. G. Dobzhansky, nothing in business makes sense except in the light of evolution.

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I was very surprised by the quality of this book. It’s so long and so deep that the whole subject is covered in a way, that it doesn’t leave you in any doubt that this is not just a theory anymore, but as close to the truth as we can possibly come.

I wish that every leader who has over 100 employees under him would read this book. And I hope that they will take the time to read it. If you can only read 1 book in your life, and you want to work with leadership – this could very well be the book you should choose. At least you can’t argue against the points made in this book. And all the points have huge studies behind them. A book for everyone who want’s to be the best mind in business science


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