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Gary Halbert’s Coat-of-Arms Letter

Gary Halbert – Coat-of-Arms Letter
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Gary Halbert is widely considered the world’s greatest copywriter and his greatest success is his famous “Coat-of-Arms” letter.

That one letter was mailed for more than 30 years… to more than 600,000,000 people.

This unique letter is only 1-page long… but… it contains 11 “hidden persuaders” Gary has never before revealed.

Now you can read this famous letter and listen to Gary explain all the secrets of the 11 “hidden persuaders”… and… you can do it RIGHT NOW.

To sum it up:

Gary made millions of dollars selling these $2 coat of arms through direct mail. The letter was mailed over 600,000,000 times and he eventually sold the company for $70 million to

This is how it worked…

First off he would create a coat of arms for one family name… (like the brunson family) He would go through the phonebook and find all of the Brunson’s in the country and he would mail this coat of arms personalized to the brunson family.

Then people would see the letter and get so excited that they’d buy a copy for themselves and for everyone else in the brunson family.

He would then move on to the next last name. During his testing he found out something very interesting… If there were more then 7,500 people with the same last name, than that those letters wouldn’t convert.

The reason was that their name was just too common and either they didn’t believe the letter or they just didn’t care. For example, names like Smith or Johnson are too common and he wouldn’t get any orders. You had to find names like brunson that weren’t as common and you’d hit the jackpot.

How could you apply this to your business? You could do all sorts of things… think of things like a mug, t-shirts, mousepads or some other kind of personalized project, go through and personalize to a certain last name and test it out with your local phonebook.

Here is a very memorable quote in the interview by Gary Halbert: “Properly exploited, one good idea that occurs to you while walking on the beach is worth more than 10 lifetimes of hard work.”


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