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Gary Huynh’s Batch Keyword Cleaner

Batch KeyWord
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This is a fantastic tool for cleaning and organizing your keyword lists, I prefer to use it on my adsense projects since adsense does not want you to have dirty keyword based pages, more info:

As a publisher of Adsense sites, I often deal with hundreds to thousands of keyword lists at a time.

Gathering those lists was the easy part. It’s the cleaning part that was tough.

These keyword lists are full of ugly characters such as áÁàÀâÂåÅãÃäÄæÆçÇ
éÉèÈêÊëËíÍìÌ. You’d think I was reading hieroglyphics here instead of looking at keyword lists.

Some lists have lines with keyphrases more than 14 words long. I can’t use that keyphrase. Some lists have IP addresses, keyword data etc.

   I just wanted a plain keyword list with no duplicates, no ugly characters, no numbers and no data so I could plug into my favorite site building tool and pay per click site.

   I was searching long and hard for an easy solution to not only clean one keyword list, but hundreds of lists at a time.

   I was able to find only one software solution to do this but it was terribly cumbersome to use. That’s when I decided to develope my own unique software.

   You’ll be able to do much much more than simply clean your keyword files…as you’ll find out below.

   Just take a look at what you can do with up to hundreds of keyword files at a time:
    Work with single files or multiple files from a folder
    Remove duplicate keywords
    Remove blank lines
    Remove spaces from front/end of lines
    Leave single spaces between words
    Remove all spaces between words
    Sort keywords alphabetically ascending/descending/random
    Make first letter of each line upper or lower case
    Make ALL letters of each line upper or lower case
    Make first letter of each word upper or lower case

   Remove lines with more than ‘x’ number of words
    Remove lines with less than ‘x’ number of words
   Remove words with more than ‘x’ number of characters
   Remove lines with words more than ‘x’ characters.
    Works with csv, excel or txt files
   More features below…

Append Feature

This feature is especially useful for Adwords advertisers. You can add any word or character to the front and/or end of each keyword phrase. Use this to wrap your keyword phrases with ” or [ or add negative qualifiers to your keyphrases with “-“

Go wild with this tool and add state abbreviations to the end or beginning of your keywords for localized marketing campaigns.

How big would your keyword lists be if you added State and City names to each and every word? I can’t even imagine that number!
Find/Replace Feature

Very powerful feature that you can use to multiply your keyword lists dramatically. For example, you can turn all instances of “google” to “goole”. This is very useful for targetting mispellings and find those nuggets of gold keyphrases.

This feature will allow you to get rid of all those ugly characters polluting your lists. Just paste in your list of ugly characters and they’ll be removed from all your files at once.

If you have 17 files or 258 files, it will go through each file and remove whatever character or word in your exclusion list. This is VERY powerful! Use it to remove porn, pharmaceutical or gambling related keyphrases.

We’ll even provide you a list of the ugly characters that we take out to leave our lists sparkling clean.
Exclude Character Sets

This feature is what makes Batch Keyword Cleaner stand in front of the competition when it comes to truly cleaning keyword lists. With this feature you can input a set of characters and choose to remove all other characters from your keyword lists which don’t apprear in your character set.

For example, if you input the characters “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz” and select to remove all other characters then your keyword files will be cleared of all nonsense characters.

Now you won’t have to worry about missing a nonsense character which is hidden deep in your keyword files.

You can merge all your files into one single file or split a single big file into many smaller lists. The options you have for splitting are:

Split into ‘x’ number of lists

Split into lists with ‘x’ keywords per list

Split into random sized lists with each list containing between ‘x’ words and ‘x’ words.

The ‘x’ represents any number you input.

You can choose to save your files in the same format as the original files, save all files in txt format, save all files in csv format, or save all files in excel format. You can load any of those file types to work with.

You can save the ouput in the same location which overwrites the original files or choose a new location on your computer.
Easy Navigation

One of the drawbacks of another software I tested was its cumbersome navigation. I made sure that this software is as easy to use as possible. You get a tabbed interface with instructions on each tab. View a screenshot at the bottom of this page.
Not Limited to Keyword Lists

With the powerful features of this software to modify txt, csv and excel files, if you use your imagination you’ll find many ways to benefit from our software.

Are you ready to order? Click Here

There’s no doubt that you need something like this. It’s insane to even imagine cleaning or modifying 100 or more keyword lists one by one.

I get my keyword lists from a variety of sources and so far, none of them have been clear of ugly characters or keyword phrases that are too long.

If you’re building webpages with a script or software, you don’t want to leave ugly characters or long phrases in your list. You’ll just end up having dead pages with broken links. Those pages will do nothing but eat up your precious server space. Just the extra money you’ll save from your webhost will pay for Batch Keyword Cleaner many times over!

If you order now I’ll throw in some ‘knock me out’ bonuses:
Bonus #1

Keyword Tool Rolodex – Some ultra useful keyword generation and management sites I’ve stumbled across. Both free and paid resources included.

I used one tool to turn a 100 word list into a 100,000 word list by adding city names to each of the keywords. This is a wonderful tool for localized keyword optimization!
Bonus #2

Learn how to build huge keyword lists by viewing a set of 11 video tutorials. These videos will describe in detail how you can use various free methods to research keywords for your niche and expand on them.

Video 1: How to use “Good Keywords” Software to build your list

Video 2: How to use three powerful tools that mine the Overture database

Video 3: Two powerful online tools that find you a ton of keywords

Video 4: How to get keyword ideas from your competition.

Video 5: How to find many more competition websites for keyword research

Video 6: How to benefit from Wordtracker for free

Video 7: How spelling mistakes can quickly grow your keyword lists.

Video 8: How ‘tumbling’ your keywords can quickly expand your lists.

Video 9: The easy way to prepare your list for Google adwords.

Video 10: How to automate the creation of new keyword phrases.

Video 11: How to quickly organize your lists for use.
Bonus #3

Fully researched and compiled keyword lists. You get 150 keyword lists with an average list consisting of 1500 keywords. Each list represents a different niche market. I’ve gone ahead and done the research for you.

Best of all, these lists have already been run through Batch Keyword Cleaner so they’re now sparkly clean!

How much time would that have saved you? This bonus’s value is immeasurable to say the least.
Bonus #4

“Misspelled Keyword Generator”

Of All The Keyword And Phrase Searches Entered Into Major Search Engines Each Day Over 10 to 20,000,000 Of Them Are All Misspelled.

See the results straight from Google’s mouth here.

Some of these spelling errors are so common that they are searched for thousands of times each day.

This is MAJOR targeted traffic and most of the result that come up in the number one spot for may of these terms are there by accident.

Anyone who can do just a little SEO can capitalizeon this targeted traffic right now. But you’ve got know that the most common misspelling are first right!…

Missspelled Keyword Generator will allow you to enter any keyword or phrase (spelled correctly :-) and then press the “Find Misspellings” Button.

Out pops hundreds or thousand of the most common misspelling for your desired keywords and phrases.
Bonus #5

Free Upgrades for Life! I will never charge you for upgrades.


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