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Gehm – Quantitative Trading and Money Management

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Description of Quantitative Trading and Money Management

This is the toolbox for serious responsible trading…the kind of trading that is run like a real business and not like a gambling hobby/addiction. The author carefully covers the often neglected areas of risk/money mangement. This is a book for those that suffer from innumeracy in regard to trading and wish to be cured of it. You don’t need a degree in advanced rocket science to understand this stuff. High school alegebra will do. The explanations and examples make the mathematics of risk and money management about as easy to understand as possible.

Developing a system for trading and forecasting is also included with the emphasis on statistical reasoning. The author even casts serious doubt upon the logic of trying to beat the markets at all by forecasting. Reading this book may even make you want to abandon the idea of trying to make money trading the markets. Read this before you ever committ any money to trading. It may sober you up and keep you from bankruptcy, insanity and suicide.

An Alternate Description

Quantitative Trading & Money Management provides all the tools a trader needs to best utilize his trading capital. The book explains how to use mathematical techniques to calculate risk/reward possibilities, optimal trading size, profit objectives and stop loss points, In short, Gehm expertly covers every issue involved in converting a market forecast into a trade. This completely revised edition sheds light on a number of recent developments in the markets such as managed future and the growth of financial derivatives. Specific topics include: Recognizing avoiding catastrophic losses; The importance of diversification; Avoiding catastrophic losses; Calculating revenue/cost ratios in trading; Developing a sound trading plan.


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