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Gerry Spence – How to argue and win every time

Gerry Spence -How To Argue And Win EveryTime
[4 CDs (MP3)]

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I first heard of Garry Spence during the interview Dean Jackson gave on Eben Pagan’s “Print Persuasion Masterclass”. I have to admit, that from a content point of view, Dean Jackson has said it all and he has also explained how to apply this technique to writing copy. This is good stuff, anyway.

Here’s more info:

‘Listeners expecting a step-by-step guide to winning arguments will be put off at first by the dramatic reading and shameless self-disclosure of attorney Gerry Spence. The tone of this program is more philosophical than logical.

Some of the organization has a “stream-of-consciousness” quality, which confuses momentarily but eventually comes to life as part of a larger fabric of values and attitudes the author feels are essential.

With sincerity, wisdom and a clear, deep voice, Spence makes us overlook the eccentricity of his language and the flamboyance of his delivery.

As a course in integrity, love and talking from the heart, this program delivers in style and substance.’


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