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GKIC – The Optimum FB Sales System

GKIC – The Optimum FB Sales System
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GKIC – The Optimum FB Sales System

Sales Letter:


All New For 2015: GKIC Is Revealing Its Blueprint For Siphoning Leads From Facebook You Can Easily “Cut And Paste” Into Your Business:

“Discover How You Can Get In Front Of 1.4 Billion People Who Log Into Facebook-And Start Generating A Massive Amount Of Leads And Revenues Immediately For Your Business…”

This Blueprint Will Allow You To Create A
“Mold” Of The Perfect Prospect You Can Duplicate As Often As You Wish…
And Strategically Use Content To Transform Cold Prospects Into Buyers For Life.

Dear Savvy Business Person,

You’re about to get an “unfair advantage” over your competition that you’ve never experienced before.

Because we’re going to show you how you can get measurable ROI from your Facebook campaigns that could rival any other marketing campaign you have ever tried.

We’re also going to show you how you can literally “clone” your perfect prospect over and over again—so you can ramp up your marketing reach with push button ease.

Yes, there a lot of Facebook “gurus” out there who preach that they have the “Holy Grail” when it comes to getting leads on Facebook.

Most of them preach that you have to get a lot of “Likes”, “Shares” and “Views” on your content in order to have success with a Facebook marketing campaign.

However, very few have cracked the code when it comes to getting actual measurable ROI from a Facebook marketing campaign.

One of these is Kim Walsh-Phillips. I will admit, I was a little skeptical at first. However, GKIC’s longtime Platinum member Ron LeGrand used her services and here’s what he said:

ronlegrand“Kim has developed marketing programs that have given me some of the lowest cost per leads I’ve seen. I admit it; I was skeptical. I doubted that anyone could get social media to outperform my other tried and true media, but with Kim, we see great results!”
— Ron LeGrand

Since then, I have referred many of my clients to Kim’s service, and now we’re going to let you duplicate Kim’s Facebook system for your own brick and mortar or online business.

In fact, we stand behind Kim’s ability to produce measurable results through social media. I decided to co-author my latest “No B.S.” book with her: No B.S. Guide To Direct Response Social Media Marketing.

Why Facebook Needs To Be
A Part Of Your Marketing

More than 1.4 billion use Facebook to connect to what matters to them, and 900 million log into Facebook every day. That’s a large pool of eyeballs you should be in front of…so you can generate leads for your business.

Further, Facebook allows you to choose the type of people you want to reach and you can target ads toward them. This makes your ads more relevant to the people you serve…which will bring you real results.

Not only that, but more than 700 million people visit Facebook from their cellphones and tablets everyday when looking up what’s going on with their family and friends. Facebook gives you a chance to broaden your reach thanks to mobile devices.

Best part: you’re in control of whom you want to target, how many ads you want to run, and the amount of money you want to spend. Heck, you can even get started for as low as $5.00.

The problem is that there is a learning curve to Facebook that could be painful if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Many have tried to use Facebook to drive more target leads to their brick and mortar business…only to throw their hands up in the air and give up because they were attacking Facebook advertising without a proven system.

Imagine trying to build a house all by yourself with a bunch of bricks, plywood, or drywall—without some kind of framework or directions by which you can put all these materials together.

Well, for the first time ever, GKIC has teamed up with Kim Walsh-Phillips to reveal her system for attracting your ideal customer, client or patient through Facebook and finally deploy direct response principles to social media.


Optimum FB Sales Funnel Product Binder

The Optimum FB Sales System will allow you to stop accepting non-monetizable “Likes” and “Shares” for your investment of time, money and energy.

You’ll be able to use Facebook for what it is—another channel by which you can reach customers and gain leads and sales for your efforts by using proven direct response principles that’ll hold every dollar you spend on advertising accountable.

Through this LIVE 6-week training, Kim Walsh-Phillips will show you strategies you can implement immediately that’ll allow you to siphon leads to your brick and mortar or online business like a vacuum on steroids.

No waiting around. No tinkering with ad spends and constant testing and tweaking. Kim is going to just “give you the fish” and tell you what’s working now for her clients so you can easily copy and paste into your business.

And, believe me, the results can happen FAST. If you follow all the steps Kim has to show you, you could be up and running in as little as an hour—compared to print and offline advertising that could take weeks or MONTHS to get going.

Here’s The ENTIRE Optimum FB
Sales System In A Nutshell:

   4 Weekly LIVE Training Sessions with Kim Walsh-Phillips. You’ll experience four (4) training sessions conducted by Kim – where she’ll guide you through each key element of The Optimum FB Sales System, including:

– Designing a Facebook page for MAXIMUM success

– Exploiting the free tools that Facebook provides to target customers with pin-point accuracy

– Mastering the art of turning likes, comments, and shares into huge profits

– Creating ads that magically transform prospects into SALES.

Kim will provide EXACTLY what you need to know and do to ramp up your own “Facebook Sales Machine” as quickly as possible.

   Recordings and Transcripts of each Training Session… just in case you can’t make a session, you won’t need to worry – it’ll be made available online at your Membership Portal resource center.

   FAST Implementation Checklists/Guides provided for every session during the entire program that provides specific “Do-This-Now” steps for you to take. This will shortcut implementation and get you to the big money F-A-S-T.

   Templates and Tools… complete templates, tools, and resources that enable you to quickly and easily create Facebook pages and ads that produce HUGE lead-generation-and-sales RESULTS. No need to “guestimate” what to put into your Facebook ads…just use the templates and you’re all set. This will save you a LOT of time and money.

Here Are Just Some Of The Strategies You’ll Be Able
To Deploy That Have Been Responsible For Raking In
Over 1 Billion Dollars In Revenues:

   How to create a Facebook page that allows you to attract qualified leads for your particular industry. The best part is that all these steps transcend industries so you’ll be able to attract more leads…whether you’re a butcher, baker, chiropractor, lawyer…even growing crab grass.

   The “super secret” hidden opt-in spots you’ll be able to exploit to get Facebook visitors onto your email opt-in page. That’s right, it is possible to do this so that you can not only boost the number of “likes”…but also get people on your traditional email mailing list—stuff that your competitors will NEVER know!

   Facebook Spying…how to covertly uncover all the likes, hobbies and spending habits of your target market prospects. This is “the stuff” that’ll allow you to get an unfair advantage in your target market.

   How to peer into what your competitors are doing and what type of approaches are getting them results. No more “guessing”…just see what’s working for other people and implement.

   How to conduct “pro-style” tricks to painlessly identify the psychographics and demographics of your most profitable customers. We’re talking spending habits, hobbies and likes of your target audience most of your competitors will never know.

   The secret to creating a “mold” of the perfect prospect you can duplicate as often as you wish…that way you can expand your market at will and on demand.

   How to flip-the-switch on automation tools to streamline your social media marketing management. These platforms will become the best members of your team (and they never ask for a vacation day!).

   How to strategically use content to move cold prospects straight through to a buyer for life. That’s right…you’ll be able to get customers, clients and patients without being “salesy” or “pushy”.

   The simple system to Acquire Facebook Ads cheaply, for pennies on the dollar, and target your products, services or membership and target your products, services or membership precisely to the customers who will want to buy.

   Tricks you can exploit to improve the click-through rates to your ads and sales conversions on your landing pages.

   …and a whole LOT more!

Follow In The Footsteps Of GKIC’s Elite Who
Have Achieved Up To A 5,000% Profit Margin By Discovering:

   How Justin Yule of Chantassen Fitness was able to rake in over $14,000 of profit for a 500% return on investment for every dollar he used to invest in Facebook advertising.

   How a business called The Fertility Center was able to drive customers with a sky-high customer value of $25,000 to their business for as little as $26 dollars per lead.

   How Pamela Yellen was able to bring in six clients valued at $10,000 each…for a total of $60,000 for only $2,500 she spent on Facebook ads.

   How Kim was able to spend only $213 on Facebook ads and bring in $5,227 in passive sales without selling a single thing. (That’s over 5,000% return on investment!).

So, How Much Is My Investment

In This Powerful Lead-Getting System?

You could easily drop 10 grand on some phony Facebook expert who will preach how you need to have as many “Likes” and “Shares” as possible…but no regard for actual ROI for your Facebook campaigns.

And you could easily waste weeks and MONTHS optimizing your Facebook campaigns all by yourself and blow TONS of time and money through painful trial and error.

Listen: This is the EXACT blueprint GKIC uses to add thousands of new members every month. And if you were to contact Kim’s staff or us directly, expect to fork over thousands of dollars.

But you don’t have to do that today. When you take action by midnight PT, we’ll let you get in for one payment of $997 or three payments of $366.

Plus there’s a special “Rocket Launch” package where you get to have Kim Walsh-Phillip’s team do everything for you so you can just sit back and collect the profits. This is just $4,997 or three payments of $1,777.

It would only take you a couple clients, customers or patients to get that money back in less than a month…even DAYS…depending on how fast you take action.

So, in reality, The Optimum FB Sales System doesn’t cost you anything. It’s an investment in the strength of your business. And you can practically use The Optimum FB Sales System for free when I tell you about our generous guarantee in a second.

Plus You’ll Get The Following Fast-Action Bonuses When You Take Action Today:

2 Additional LIVE Q&A Sessions w/Kim Walsh-Phillips. She’ll get on the line for two more times to answer questions about any-and-all things Facebook related – making this program a full six weeks in total. That way you get some personal attention during this six weeks.

The Blueprint For Writing Effective Facebook Headlines (Worth $97): Dave Dee and Kim Walsh-Phillips will reveal proven formulas for writing devastatingly effective headlines. This alone could save you a LOT of time and headaches since you’ll be able to “swipe” winning headlines that have already worked.

GKIC’s Online Membership Funnel (Worth $97): Mike Stodola and Kim Walsh-Phillips explain the keys to how GKIC created and launched its hugely successful online membership funnel on Facebook. This is the “bread and butter” that has been working for us the past year, and we’re giving it to you on a silver platter so you can shamelessly “steal” for your own business.

The Optimum FB Sales System Facebook Group: Gain access to a private Facebook Group that will be updated and refreshed throughout the live training sessions. Network with others enrolled and get your course, marketing and Facebook questions answered in real time from a panel of social-media-for-business experts… plus you’ll receive daily tips and strategies to drive great leads and sales in your Facebook Marketing.

The Optimum Facebook Social Media Strategies: Every week, you will have a sweet piece of social media know-how dropped into your inbox. These emails will contain in-depth coverage on newly-developed tools that can improve your conversion rate, improve your social media automation, make your landing pages more effective, and many other benefits! They will provide course-related and technology updates to keep you ahead of the curve and steps ahead of your competition.


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