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Grant Cardone – Be Obsessed Or Be Average (On Demand Video)

Grant Cardone – Be Obsessed Or Be Average
[15 MP4 + 15 MP3]

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Description Exclusive… sharing elsewhere will result in being banned!
Original Ebook is here:
Original audiobook is here:

This exclusive product has been approved by Moderators after my request.

I purchased this just before the new year.

This is newer reading of the book that Grant reads live, errors and all, and adds his commentary and updates to.  See Description below.

Grant has NOT updated the book, he is reading the same version of the book’s previously shared here…..what’s new is his reading of it and adding his up to date commentary to it.

If you have listened to the original audiobook shared here, this version blows it away, in my opinion, as Grant’s energy live is on another level, motivating, and i found it inspiring.

It’s a night and day difference in energy between this version and the audiobook recorded in a studio.

The audio mp3 are exactly the same as the video.

The videos are not necessary to gain the content from this as he is mostly sitting at his desk and looking into the camera.

For me, I like to have the option of seeing him talk as i see his expressions and see he actually believes what he’s saying and means it….which i find inspiring.

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