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Grant Cardone – Cardone University 2018

Grant Cardone – Cardone University
[1328 MP4s + 28 PDFs + 1 XLSX + 1 TXT]

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Grant Cardone – Cardone University 2018


It offers Grant Cardone’s most extensive sales training curriculum on the web today. With over 1400 Segments of fully interactive video content, Cardone University is the one thing you can’t afford NOT to have. Are you ready to become a REAL pro?

Whether you’re a salesperson, sales manager, entrepreneur or business owner, Cardone University is your way to effectively sell yourself, your products, and your ideas to anyone!


THIS is your path to financial freedom

More Info:

Thanks to @Rhai2008, we have the comparison from other Cardone’s content in the vault (including the 2016 version):


Ok, if you have the existing 2016 Cardone University, here is the deal with this new version.

First, it is not a new version for the core material. Modules 1 – 13 are identical… zero difference. We went into every video… the are exactly the same. In this new version, Module 14 (Handling objections) is not there… and Module 16 (Support Webinars) is not there. Otherwise, the new version has all the other content as the 2016 version.

Now, in addition to Modules 1-16 (again, excluding 14 & 16) this new upload has several other folders… that look to be other content that is on BizLearning… or can be easily found other places:
– Customer Service
– If you are not first you are last
– Live Workshops
– Mastermind Coaching Call
– Personal Finances
– Rules of Success
– Sales Meetings
– Sell or be Sold
– The 10X Rule
– The Closers Survival Guide
– Tips to Maximize Results
I have not been through all of this additional content… but much of it looks familiar to other downloads I have.

My thought (uploader), based on this comparison:


This upload is at least the “Cardone University 2018”, if not more (most probably it’s almost all the Cardone’s content on his website)
So, if you have other materials from Cardone in the vault, most probably there is no need to download this product; You already have it all.



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