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Greg Heslin – Adwords 123

[eBook (PDF)]

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Greg Heslin – Adwords 123
124 pages

Pretty good book. Still some okay ideas. Was recommended to me by a full-time online marketer.

Description from the site:
“Here’s the invaluable information you will receive in Google Adwords 1-2-3:

• A 115-page e-book that covers every step you will need to become an affiliate marketing pro. Just read and click. It’s that easy.

• The actual product categories I have sold that produced the income you viewed above.

• How to avoid the biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make in their first 2 days.

• 58 never before released advanced techniques to make you an affiliate marketing pro.

• My 1 single approach to affiliate marketing that allows me to be a super seller.

• 8 things you must do daily to optimize your affiliate marketing profits.

• The 3 places I go to find profitable products on the Internet.

• Daily Profit Checklist

• All my free affiliate marketing and web tools that I use every day.

• Direct links where you can go to get free advice from the most respected Internet marketers in the world.

• 10-point private selection criteria checklist for finding profitable products.

• My advertising formula to generate high click through rates.”


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