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Hack The Guru’s –

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Are you sick of having to pay up to $97 or more for the latest so called “Guru” product?
Tired of buying the next “big thing” only to find out it’s no better than the last big thing?
Well I For One Am Totally Sick Of The Scams, Lies And B.S.


Hack The Guru’s

For the very first time I am going to reveal the secret techniques that will allow you download almost any eBook or Software – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Here’s just a small selection of the titles you can be downloading within minutes…

Beating Adwords – $67 High Performance Affiliate Marketing – $49.95
Adwords Empire – $497 The Amazonian King – $97
Google Money Pro – $97.98 Kontera Content Links Secrets – $47
Adwords 180 – $97 Chitika eMini Malls Secrets – $47
Adwords Elite – $49.95 How To Build Profitable Websites Fast – $47
Adwords Miracle – $97 Free Traffic With MySpace – $67
Day Job Killer – $97 The Google Wealth System – $37
Google Cash 2005 – $67 Top Secret Automatic Money – $87
Affiliate Project X – $97 I Create Reality – $28.19
Definitive Guide To Adwords – $49 Marketing Dashboard – $59.95
Duvet Dollars – $77 Who Loves Money – $97
Guru Slayer- $97 Super Affiliate Handbook – $47
Butterfly Marketing Manuscript – $97 Affiliate Secret Formula – $97
Ultimate Wealth Package – $49.95 Underground Hypnosis – $136.37
Autopilot Profits – $27 Beyond Manifestation – $67
Blogging To The Bank – $97 Instant Money Vault – $39.95
Traffic Manuscript – $97 The Best Deal Ever – $47
Adwords Confessions – $47 Create and Flip – $27
Adwords Blackbook – $197 Quick And Easy Info Product Creation – $47
Average Joe Income Package – $57 Data Entry Bank – $49.95
Black Hat Poker – $97.77 Craigslist Profits – $29
Real Estate Development Coach – $89 Adwords Voucher Exposed – $47
Satellite BizLearning For PC Elite Edition –  $49.95 Overnight Forum Cash – $67
Niche Marketing On Crack – $47 5 Bucks A Day – $47
Adsense Whizz Kid – $77 Desperate For Money – $39.99
Web 2.0 Traffic System – $47 Social Networking On Squidoo – $47
Forex Enterprise – $49.95 The Lazy Pig – $47
Google Adsense Secrets – $97 Internet Million Dollars – $49.90
Forex Trading Machine – $97 The Legacy System – $199.99
Adsense Arbitrage Voodoo – $97 12 Month Millionaire – $297
Tag And Ping – $147 The Scholarship and Grant Guide – $47
Become Hated – $67 iPod Blender – $37

Press Equalizer – $97 Competition Dominator – $167
Submit Equalizer – $97 Keywords Analyzer – $97
Article Post Robot – $127 Craygo – $45
Glyphuis Software – $135 Easy Blogger Creator – $147
Hot Item Finder – $37 Power Link Generator – $97
RSSGM Auto Installer – $47 Cover Action Pro – $97
Clickbank Elite – $67 Amazon Hunter Pro – $49.95
Bookmarking Demon – $97 Landing Page System – $197
Niche Inspector – $97 Article Morph – $67
Xrumer – $450 Xtreme Conversions – $147
Profitsponder – $177 PLR Article Pro – $29.97
Webscraper+ – $419 Unique Content Pro – $47
RSS To Blog – $247 Click Ad Equalizer – $97
The Dowser Pro – $97 MySpace Friend Blaster Pro – $59.95
Blogger Wizard – $67 Counter Code Enterprise – $49
Backlink Submitter – $67 Nixie Affiliate System – $29.41
Wordpress Mass Installer – $69 Swapclix – $49.95
The Design Dashboard – $59.95 GooHay – $99.96
Phantom Cloaker – $159.95 SEO Studio Enterprise Edition – $329.99
PLR Commander – $49.95 Million Pixel script – $179
Adword Generator – $97 Affiliate Network Pro – $390

Traffic Secrets – $377 Traffic Imperium – $97
Michael’s Traffic Video’s – $97 Beyond Adsense 2007 – $67
The Google Back Door – $198 Affiliate Of The Month – $37
Free Search Engine Traffic – $47

Instant Header Graphics – $197  

Plus Many, Many More!

That’s Over $12,000 of eBooks, Software, Videos & Graphics That You Can Download For FREE, IMMEDIATELY After Purchase!

At this point you are probably sceptical right?

I don’t blame you, you have been fed lies and B.S. for years.

All to encourage you to buy more products and ultimately make the Guru richer!

So let me tell you a little bit more about this product:

First of all you should know that the product and the techniques contained within it are completely and 100% legal.

I am going to show you how to use Search Engines (Like Google™ and Yahoo™) and one or two other free and legal tools to search for files that we couldn’t ordinarily find, i.e. expensive eBooks and Software.

This does not include any illegal activity, for example I am not going to email you the eBooks, or links to download them from my website, I’m not going to send you to any of those illegal Warez sites (which only spread viruses and spyware onto your computer anyway).

Instead, I am going to show the very simple and ethical techniques that allowed me to download all of the products above for FREE, plus hundreds more.

Including screenshots, so you can follow the exact same path that I did and download them all for FREE.

You will also be able to download any eBooks or Software that are released in the future – For FREE!

You will be able to master these techniques in minutes, really – if you can type (even slowly) then you can do this!

Never Pay For Software or eBooks Again!

Remember, you will learn EXACTLY How To:
Get ANY eBook Or Software For Free!
Never Ever Pay For Your eBook Or Software Purchases!
Get Free Access To High Value Products! (Worth $1,500+ Each)
Access Download Pages Of Any eBook Or Software, Irrespective Of The Payment Processor (Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart, 2Checkout, etc)
Learn Techniques So Simple That Even A 9-Year-Old Could Do It!

As a Special Bonus You Will Also Receive…
My Best Selling eBook:
How To Download Almost Anything For Free!
Discover The Secrets To Download:
The Latest DVD Movies
The Latest Audio CD’s & MP3’s
The Latest PC Games & Software
The Latest PSP Games & Movies
The Latest PS2 & XBox Games

With This Great Bonus You’ll Never Have To Pay For eBooks, Software, Movies, Games or Music EVER Again!

So How Much Is This Going To Cost You?

Well, considering I am going to give you access to over $12,000 of products, plus the knowledge to download hundreds more for FREE. I could do what the Guru’s do and charge a small fortune, right?

WRONG! I’m not going to charge you the standard Guru price of $97 for this valuable Information…

I’m not even going to charge you $49.95!

This fantastic product can be yours right now for one low cost purchase of just $27!

That’s exactly the same price as the cheapest Guru product listed above and you will get them all and many many more for this incredibly low price!

Buy It Now For Only $27!


For Your Peace Of Mind, I Am Also Going To Offer You A
30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

If You Are Unhappy With Your Purchase For Any Reason, Simply Email Me Within 30 Days And I Will Give You A Full And Quick Refund – I Can’t Say Fairer Than That!

Please Note: The payment & guarantee for this item is through Paypal. So you can buy with confidence safe in the knowledge that this guarantee WILL be honoured.

Still Not Convinced? Want Some Proof?

The image you can see below (circled) is the actual download page for the $49.95 eBook “Adwords Elite”.

I have blanked out the actual URL of the webpage but this IS revealed In the eBook.

As well as the download pages for all of the other products listed below and FULL instructions (with screenshots) on how to download ANY eBook or Software for FREE!

Plus, FREE Updates!

That’s right, every time I find a new product to download for FREE, I will contact you and show exactly how you can get it for FREE too!

Never Pay For eBooks, Software, Movies, Games or
Music EVER Again!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Either You Can Continue To Waste Your Time And Money On The Scams, Lies And B.S. That The Guru’s Feed You Or You Can Buy This eBook And Download Over $12,000 Worth Of Their Products For FREE!

Buy It Now For Only $27!

Please Note: I can not guarantee how long this offer will last for. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before right?

However, this time it’s really true because if one of the Guru’s gets their lawyer to send me a threatening letter – I will have to pull this offer immediately.

I simply don’t have the Guru’s millions to fight back – So get it while you can!


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