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Harvard Business Review (HBR) OnPoint – Spring 2020

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Product Description
Publication Date: February 11, 2020

Harvard Business Review Special Issues are single-theme collections of both classic and recent articles written by some of the world’s leading management scholars and practitioners. HBR editors handpick each article for its relevance and insight. To help busy leaders quickly absorb and apply the concepts, these collections also include short “Idea in Brief” summaries.

This issue focuses on corporate, team, and individual purpose. Work should feel meaningful, and this is a guide for leaders who want to ensure that’s true for everyone in their organizations.

Articles include:
“Why Are We Here?” by Sally Blount and Paul Leinwand;

“Creating Shared Value,” by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer;

“The New CEO Activists,” by Aaron K. Chatterji and Michael W. Toffel;

“From Purpose to Impact,” by Nick Craig and Scott Snook;

and “The Power of Small Wins,” by Theresa M. Amabile and Stephen J. Kramer.

You’ll also find selected content from our website, such as:
“Four Hard Questions to Ask About Your Company’s Purpose,” by Dominic Houlder and Nandu Nandkishore;

“How to Find Meaning in a Job That Isn’t Your True Calling,” by Emily Esfahani Smith;

and “How to Motivate Employees to Go Beyond Their Jobs,” by Mark C. Bolino and Anthony C. Klotz.

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