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Harvard Business School – 81 Case Studies

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A selection of case studies from Harvard Business School.  They appear to be relatively recent, but they are not the newest cases.  They are still used at many business schools.

They are all watermarked with DO NOT COPY on every page.
There are no guidelines or answers or discussion questions.

Experience is the best teacher — and the case method packs more experience into every hour of learning than any other instructional approach. That’s why it forms the basis of learning at Harvard Business School as well as many other universities around the world. In case discussions, students are introduced to the reality of decision making — including incomplete information, time constraints, and conflicting goals — giving them first-hand experience in analyzing business situations.
Case studies stimulate students’ thinking, challenge their capabilities, and prepare them for future managerial decision making.

Please view the file list for a complete list of cases included.


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