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Herc Magnus – Rank and Rent SEO

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1. Hello and welcome new OMGer
2. The No Pressure, High Paying Rank & Rent Method
3. Pick Your Service
4. Pick Your City
5. Check Your Keyword Traffic Levels & Competition
6. Host/Set Up Your Word Press Website
7. WP Themes/Site Design
8. Get Content On Your Pages
9. How To Rank Your Site Using POWER PBN Links For Cheap
10. Anchor Texts For Your Backlinks
11. Sign Up For Call Tracking
12. Why Should I Sign Up For Call Tracking Early?
13. How To Sell/Rent Your Site For Maximum Profits
14. Super Fast Scaling By Leveraging Referrals

How To Make $1,000.+/Month
Simply By Practicing Your SEO Skills
& Using The Rank & Rent Method

You Can Sell Or Rent These Sites
In As Little As 30 Days From Today

The No Pressure, High Paying Rank & Rent Method

The method we will use to practice our SEO, and eventually make money is called rank and rent.

Essentially, what you are going to do is pick a service in any city you wish. Then you’ll register an exact match or EMD domain name and build the site. From there, it’s easy to rank the site for its best
keywords and finally rent it out for around $750. – $1,500./month to a business who offers that service!

For example the keywords you’ll be going after would look like this: “landscaping phoenix” or “pool cleaner fountain hills”. The domain you’ll build and rank will be exact matches of your best keywords
like or

Those keywords are very common phrases people use when looking for a business to perform a service that they need. They also usually have decent search volumes, and it’s fairly easy to rank in the Top 3 spots in Google.

Once they are ranked on the first page of Google (especially in the Top 3 spots), it’s really not that hard to find a buyer since they are already ranked and you are selling instant results. I’ll even show you how to set it up to rent the sites without contacting a single business using a plugin called SEM Agent.


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