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High Class Luxury Publisher Pack 1 *STAFF APPROVED* 1

Luxury Magazines
[29 Magazines (PDF)]

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So I was reading the latest newsletter and came upon this passage by Instinct

“Always keep your goals and dreams in mind. All throughout the process of starting and building a business you WILL have days when you just feel like you’re on an endless hamster wheel. You’ll come across another opportunity which somehow seems like it will make you more money with less effort… Either that, or you just won’t want to do the tasks that you’ve assigned yourself. I’ve lost a lot of productivity due to these “solopreneur burnout” episodes; yes, the dip is very real. During these days, it really helps to refresh your memory as to why you’re doing this. It could be for your loved one/s, dreams of being able to travel, whatever.”

“Personally, I regularly browse through both Islands and International Living magazines as it reinforces my own dreams of having a beachfront property in the tropics that I can always escape to, and remind myself that this business is my best chance of building an empire that I can really be proud to tell people about.”

And I figured heck this burnout is exactly what I’ve been feeling lately…

I looked up some luxury lifestyle magazines and realized we have none of them at BizLearning. So I went pdf hunting, and here’s what I’ve been able to find.

Note: This pack was uploaded with permission from kidreaper
And only because Instinct suggested these kind of things in newsletter #19.

There are 29 issues here in total, from 8 upscale magazines.

Distribution of some of these is limited to Private Jets, First Class Lounges, Private Banks…

This pack includes issues from:
Elite Traveler
Robb Report
Unique Homes
Upscale Living
Wealth Collection
Private Islands

I’ve included some descriptions of them below:

For a detailed list of other high class magazines (some of which are invitation only), check out these 2 links:


There might be another pack in the future, hence this one is named #1. Although I think 29 magazines are enough…

Special Thanks to Sman10 + ddrj + key for helping get some of these.


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