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How The Stock Market Works

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This 15 page report is called “How The Stock Market Works”

This report is AWESOME. Because it literally explains the essentials of the stock market in 15 pages. It’s for the beginner. The fat is cut out and it’s kick ass.

It’s the most intense and summed up 15 pages on investing you’ll ever read imo.

I forget where I originally got this document, but I remember thinking:
“I don’t anything about the stock market, I wonder if there’s an easy way to understand real fast?”

THIS is the perfect report. Whether you want to go public one day, or just be cool knowing the basics of the stock market – get this PDF. It’s fast, quick and takes you from ‘saul to paul’ easily. And it’s only 15 pages…

Plus, if you do any sales/copywriting for the Stock Market market, this is a killer first read.

Here’s what it answers:

Why do companies issue stocks?
-What is capital?
-Equity vs. Debt
-Why do corporations issue stocks?
-Advantages to stock holders

IPOs (Initial Public Offerings)
– The process of issuing securities
– The basics of underwriting
– Types of underwriting arrangements
– The prospectus
– Ways a stock may be advertised before it’s sold
– Newly issued stocks: Getting the names straight

Stock Market Players
– Broker-Dealers
– What Broker-Dealers are not allowed to do
– Other Broker services
– Registered representatives, Market makers and Specialists

The Life Of A Trade

Understanding Bull and Bear Markets
– What drives bull and bear markets?
– Predicting bull and bear markets
– Investing during bull markets
– Investing during bear markets

Concluding Remarks

Fast Markets
– A fast market in action
– How it starts
– Protecting yourself in a fast market
– Market order, Stop order, Limit order…What’s the difference?
– Be aware of how the trading process works
– Timing is everything

Why Watch Market Indicators?

Dow Jones Industrial Average

S & P 500 Index

Nasdaq Index


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