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Jack Mohler – The Name Of The Game Is You (DISC Test)

Jack Mohler – The Name Of The Game Is You
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This is a booklet that gives you a working knowledge of the ideas behind the DISC Test and Personality Profile. It is a psychometric test developed in the post WW II years by William Marston and popularized in the 1970’s by Jack Mohler as a tool to help with hiring people. Thanks to it’s accuracy and effectiveness it is still in wide use today.

DISC stands for:

D: Dominance
I:  Influence
S: Steadiness
C: Compliance

The book explains these factors in more detail, along with the Personal Concepts, the personality types created by different combinations of these factors in different people.

It is incredibly useful for hiring, and managing, but also for figuring yourself out and understanding how you operate best. After taking the test yourself you will have a better understanding why you succeed in some areas, and find other areas difficult, or avoid them. Very useful information for planning projects, figuring out what your role should be, and where you need to get help.

If you have any courses by Craig Proctor, Ben Cummings, or Rob Swanson, you will be familiar with the DISC Test.

This actual booklet I got from going to a Craig Proctor seminar years ago. Also included is the test sheet itself, and the scoring sheet for the test. You can make copies of the Personal Concept test sheet to quickly screen prospective hires, saving you the expense of paying $26 for the online test.

Learn this stuff, and use it to make great hires.


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