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James Elswyk – FB Lives: P3 Scaling Previews

James Elswyk – FB Lives – P3 Scaling Previews
[4 MP4 + 1 XLSX]

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James Elswyk – FB Lives: P3 Scaling Previews

This product comprises interesting FB live videos that James did with experts as well as preview of his new P3 Scaling course. The excel file is a youtube ad swipe file that was discussed in his FB group. Neutral seed for all to download.

Join the Group Buy for the James Van Elswyk/Purple Knowledge Lab – P3 Scaling:

We had earlier did a GB for the P3 Geek Out event which did not come with recordings and I had screen recorded an 8 hour long video. What James Elswyk had done with P3 Scaling was to break down the 8 hour long training into bite-sized videos and categorised into various part of business scaling e.g. hiring, managing operations.

He had included new templates not available in the previous GB:
– Media buyer templates
– NDA and Mutual NDA
– Interview questions
– Excel exam for media buyers

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