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JAMPI – Jay Abraham Master of Passive Income June 2007

JAMPI – Jay Abraham Master of Passive Income June 2007a
[Assignments (TXT) + Audios (MP3) + Resources (PDF)]

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Jay Abraham’s
Master of Passive Income

This is what were posted during the month of June 2007
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The live call is a bonus call

This product consists of the folliwng:

ASSIGNMENT:   1 to 3
AUDIO:              2  files – 1. Pre-recorder Orientation Call  (29 minues)
                                       2  Live Call on June 21 at 4:30pm PST  (2 hr 17n mins)

Document:          These document are extensively discussed in the live call.
                           Reading order in is Assignmnet 3

1    Dr. Stephen R. Covey on Passion
2    Stephen M.R. Covey on Gaining Trust
3    Barter Basics to Think About
4    Fran Tarkenton on the Meaning of Business Life
5     Brian Tracy on Paying Yourself What You’re Worth
6    Brian Tracy on Maximizing Your Time, Goals and Efforts
7    John Dudeck – On Highest And Best Use Theory
8    Paul Lemberg – On Change
9    Quotations to Build Your Business By
10    Rethinking Inside The Box – Double O Matrix – Alan Coleman
11    37 Million Dollar Headlines
12    Copywriting Template
13    The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written
14    Joint Venture Primer – Transcript #1
15    Joint Venture Primer – Transcript #2
16    Joint Venture Primer – Transcript #3
17    Partner or Perish
18    Jay’s Interview With Tom Phillips
19    Jay’s Interview With John Dudeck
20    93 Referral System – Summary
21    Jay’s Interview With Sir John Harvey-Jones
22    Jay’s Interview With Tony Robbins
23    Abraham 101
24    Nine Drivers To Business Growth
25    The Power Parthenon
26    Chapter 1 of Jay’s Book
27    Advanced Strategy of Preeminence
28    Jay’s Interview with Paul Lemberg
29    21 Great Ways To Build A High Profit Business – Brian Tracy

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