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Jason Cox – How To Broker JV Deals + 254 IM Guru’s Emails

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Look, I spent quite a few pretty pennies looking up all these addresses… and I’ve personally used many of the people on this list to sell tens of thousands of dollars of products. It’s a real gold mine list… and here’s the list of the names you’ll get mailing addresses for:

Abbie Drew
Abraham Cherian
Alex Sampson
Alex Mandossian
Alexander Teo
Alexandria Brown
Allan Gardyne
Allan Wilson
Allen Says
Amber Jalink
Andrei Puhov
Andrew Fox
Andy Brocklehurst
Angela Wu
Anthony Stillwell
Armand Morin
Audri Lanford
Barbara Zabel
Bart Baggett
Benjamin Prater
Betty Ann Wilkins
Bill and Harry
Bill Burdin
Bill Harris
Bill Montgomery
Bill Myers
Bill Nieporte
Bill Stoller
Bing Wen
Bo Ekvall
Bob Leduc
Bob McElwain
Bob Scheinfeld
Bob Silber
Bob Wilson
Brad Knorr
Brent Winters
Bret Ridgway
Brett Krkosska
Brian Garvin
Brian Rodruck
Bryan Hall
Bryan Winters
Carl Galetti
Charles Fuchs
Chayden Bates
Chris Elliott
Chris Fuchs
Chris Kilian
Christian Godefroy
Chuck McCullough
Clint Pheeney
Colin G. Moses
Collin Almeida
Corey Rudl
Craige Mayo
Dale Calvert
Dale Reardon
Damon Zahariades
Dan B. Cauthron
Dan Kennedy

Dan Henderson
Dan Schwartz
Dan Shafer
Dan Poynter
Darren Roberts
David Cavanagh
David Garfinkel
David Ledoux
David Parnell
David Vallieres
David Seitz
Declan Dunn
Dennis Gaskill
Derek Gehl
Dien Rice
Dirk Dupon
Donald Goss
Dmitry Nanev
Don Bice
Don Schultz
Dustin Struckman
Ed Osworth
Edward Thorpe
Eva Almeida
Eva Rosenberg
Ewen Chia
Frank Garon
Frank Sanders
Fred Gleeck
Gary Lockwood
Gary Shawkey
Gary Vurnum
George Callens
George McKenzie
Greg Schleisman
Heather Colman
Ian Herculson
Jack Zufelt
James Maduk
James Martell
Janet Roberts
Jason Potash
Jay Abraham
Jay Conrad Levinson
Jeff McKelvey
Jeff Paul
Jeff Smith
Jeff Walker
Jeff Wilson
Jeffrey Lant
Jennifer Ambrose
Jeremy Young
Jerome Chapman
Jesus Mejias
Jim Daniels
Jim Edwards
Jim Maddox
Jim Wilson
Jimmy D. Brown
jl Scott

Joan Stewart
Joe Clayton
Joe Robson
Joe Schroeder
Joel Christopher
John Audette
John Calder
John Metcalfe
John Milton Fogg
John Payne
John Reese
John Stafford
Jon Keel
Jonah Klimack
Jonathan Mizel
Jonathan Page
Kaviraj Kodai
Ken Evoy
Ken McCarthy
Ken McVay
Ken Silver
Kenneth McArthur
Kevin Donlin
Kevin Nunley
Kirt Christensen
Kris Stringham
Larry Chase
Larry Dotson
Larry Johnson
Laurie Rogers
Lee Benson
Lesley Fountain
Linda Carroll
Lois Thompson
Marcia Yudkin
Maria Veloso
Mark Wittkowski
Marlon Sanders
Marshall Donnerbauer
Marty Fiegl
Marty Foley
Maryanne Myers
Matt Gagnon
Mel Strocen
Melvin Powers
Merle Stinnett
Michael Angier
Michael Campbell
Michael Fortin
Michael Murray
Michael Penland
Michael Southon
Michael Wagner
Michael Wong
Michelle Utter
Miguel Alvarez
Mike Chen
Mike Enlow
Mike Jezek
Mike Litman
Mike McGroarty

Mike Van Norden
Mike Windel
Mitch Axelrod
Mitch Meyerson
Neil Day
Neil Durrant
Noel Hynes
Pamela Heywood
Paul Hartunian
Paul Myers
Peter Twist
Progressive Media
Ralph Wilson
Ramon Williamson
Randy Charach
Randy Gage
Raymond Mcnally
Rebekah Nahai
Rick Beneteau
Rick Carruth
Rob Frankel
Robbin Tungett
Robert Allen
Robert Boduch
Robert Imbriale
Robert Smith
Rosalind Gardner
Roy Rudder
Rozey Gean
Sam Robbins
Scot Dantzer
Scott Covert
Sen Ze
Shawn Casey
Shelley Lowery
Stan Stuchinski
Stephen Pierce
Steve Manning
Stuart Lichtman
Sumantra Roy
Sunil Tanna
Sydney Johnston
Ted Ciuba
Ted Nicholas
Terry Dean
Teresa King
Teresa Williams
Terri Seymour
Tom Antion
Tom Dahne
Tom Hua
Tony Marino
Troy McDonald
Troy Pentico
Vic Johnson
Wanda Loskot
Wayne Yeager
Wes Blaylock
William Bontrager
Yanik Silver

A dead “giveaway” which proves whether or not if someone is willing to do a joint-venture!

What this 18 year old knows about landing joint-ventures that the most seasoned guru’s don’t!

The two almost unknown secrets (one mental, one physical) you need to know to have business owners begging you to let them sell your products. (These are crucial secrets to improving your success in life forever.)

The single most important place to find hordes of hot products to sell that are guaranteed to sell like “hot cakes”.

Three sure-fire ways to tell if a potential joint-venture partner will do a deal with you before you even contact them.

Hundreds of sure-fire business niches online that are PROVEN to earn people tens of thousands of dollars month in and out!

The single most important place to locate hot potential Joint-Venture partners that can make you a fortune.

How to double the response of any e-mail you ever send! (This is one of my most jealously guarded discoveries I’ve came across to date.)

The number one rule which absolutely… must be observed… for you to make a favorable first impression when contacting other business owners for a joint-venture.

An amazing secret formula I just recently discovered which you should know about how to… instantly… put anyone “in the mood” so that they’ll take a hard look at doing a joint-venture with you!

An exclusive in-depth study of the 3 most sizzling “hot JV’s” I’ve setup so far.

A step-by-step guide of how to automate everything about this business and cut your workload in half.

How I sold over ten thousand dollars worth of a book… and in the e-mail to the mailing list… didn’t even hardly mention the product being sold! (This selling tip is worth more than the price of the book alone.)

The single biggest complaint business owners have about people asking them to do a JV.


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