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Jason Fladlien – 48 Hour Instant Reports

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“I Guarantee (With $100 of My Own Money)
I Can Show You How to Create a High
Ticket Info Product in Less Than 2 Days

Yes! $100 will be yours if you can’t make my system work.

Yes! This works even if you’ve never created a product in your life!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

I’m so confident my info product creation secrets will make you more cash faster than ever before, that I’m willing to put my own reputation and money on the line.

Yes! Your life will change today. Why? Because you’re about to discover:

   The 3 Second Technique — make yourself immune to writer’s block! (page 6)

   The “Skeleton Blueprint” — skip to this page, fill in the blanks and be creating low-ticket products that you can sell in under 2 hours time (page 44)

   How to tap into your reader’s “code of action” to enjoy the word of mouth effect! (page 3)

   A little secret I know about learning… that will allow me to teach these techniques directly to your unconscious… thereby cutting your learning curve down dramatically (meaning you can master this skill in one or two sittings!)

Former “Loser-Musician-Turned-Monk”
Cracks The Code for Instant Production Creation!

Here’s how it happened:

One day I quit trying to game the system with tricks and fancy “one-off” marketing that only worked until technology changed. Besides, none of that stuff made me money.

So I sat down and said: “What’s the number 1 skill that would make me money… no matter what the economy does… no matter what happens to me personally… no matter how technology changes… no matter what!”

The answer to that is simple: Creating high quality, valuable content!

High quality content is the best way to market yourself. You only have to look as far as the latest, most successful product launches to see they all share one thing in common… they used good, high quality content to get the market place in a frenzy.

You’ll be able to do that, too, once I show you how (it’s actually very simple.)

Also, high quality content is essential for product creation. If someone buys your product, and it changes their life…

Then You’ll Have
A Customer For Life!

But creating content sucks!

It’s hard, confusing and just takes a long time. At least, that’s what I thought. Actually, writing is easy once you have a system that…

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