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Jason Jankovsky – Trading Rules That Work

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As traders, virtually all of us develop a set of rules that govern our trading activities. Yet, all too often—for a variety of reasons—many of us selectively ignore or change those rules.?

Author Jason Alan Jankovsky has been a trader and market analyst for over twenty years. During this time the markets have taught him many things, but the most valuable lesson learned was the importance of following a set of trading rules that work for your style of trading, risk tolerance, and emotional make-up. Now, in Trading Rules that Work, Jankovsky wants to share his findings with you.

This comprehensive guide provides a blueprint for trading success by introducing you to 28 essential rules that can be shaped to fit any trading approach—whether you’re dealing in stocks, commodities, or currencies. Straightforward and accessible, Trading Rules that Work outlines the deeper psychology behind each of these accepted trading rules and provides you with a better understanding of how to make those rules work for you. The rules, which are more accurately defined as flexible guidelines, fall under four parts within the book:

-Part One: Getting in the Game outlines the psychology of market price action, what that can mean as far as your trade selection is concerned, and how to begin from the point of a strong market presence
-Part Two: Cutting Losses shows you how to protect yourself in today’s markets—even when it is emotionally difficult to do so—by developing a set of personal trading rules uniquely designed to your trading style
-Part Three: Letting Profits Run covers the few simple rules you should follow in order to remain in a winning trade until market potential has run out
-Part Four: Trader Maxims examines the most common rules, and how they have both nega-tive and positive psychological implications

Trading successfully takes discipline, desire, knowledge, and skill. By combining the various rules, insights, and guidelines found through-out this book, you’ll be in the best position possible to achieve consistent success—no matter what markets you choose to trade.

Wiley, 2006


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