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Jason Teteak – Customize Your Message to Different Audiences

Jason Teteak – Customize Your Message to Different Audiences
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Customize Your Message to Different Audiences… and make all listeners feel your message is meant just for them.

NOTE:  I couldn’t find a description for this course, so I’m just including the first two paragraphs from the manual.  

You may routinely give presentations on different topics to a particular kind of audience (a group of physicians, for example, or executives, or even a convocation of college students). You may also give presentations on the same topic to audiences of all different types. In either case, there will be times when you want to make the presentation even more effective by spending some advance time tailoring it for a specific audience.

It’s even more challenging when you arrive at a presentation only to discover the composition of your audience is not what you expected. Or, even if you’ve done your research and prepared very carefully for your audience, you realize that their expectations are different from what you had anticipated. In these cases, you’ll also have to tailor your presentation, but you’ll have to do it in real-time. Tailoring your approach will give your presentation much extra added value.


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