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Jason Teteak – Demo Presentation Blueprint

Jason Teteak – Demo Presentation Blueprint
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Demo Presentation Blueprint

NOTE:  I learned a lot of excellent tips in this program.  There’s a lot of stuff here that Teteak doesn’t teach in his other courses.

Demo:  Impress Clients, Win Relationships

Entice your prospective customers with a demo that gets your staff and your end-users excited about using the product or software.  

Learn The Proven Techniques To:
– Create interest, generate excitement and get more sales
– Avoid the mistakes that can sabotage your demo
– Get your customers to crave your products and services

What You’re About To Discover…
– How to prepare for the demo and open professionally…
– How to get people to listen AND REMEMBER the time they spent with you…
– Exactly what to do with your volume, pace and inflections to excite, stress importance, distinguish, callout and re-engage.
– The top 7 mouse mistakes and how to avoid them (including how to talk benefits while mousing and keyboarding…
– How to ensure your audience always knows where you are, where you’re going, and what’s happening next…
– The #1 way to demo so that they actually get it…
– The 3-step quick sheet to answer demo questions like an expert even when you have none…


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