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Jason Teteak – The Craft of the Lecture

Jason Teteak – The Craft of the Lecture
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NOTE:  This is currently being sold on Udemy, but that’s not how I got it.  I do not know if it’s exactly the same course.  However, that’s where I found the following description.

How to Give the Perfect Lecture Students Love!

Presentation skills, Communication Skills, Speaking Skills. Engaging Lectures that your Students will Absolutely Love!

What you’ll learn
– Captivate your students immediately so they can’t wait to hear what you have to say next
– Show confidence and credibility so your students can focus on learning
– Use your tone to get your students to want to listen
– Hold the attention of 75 students with laptops and smartphones for an hour or longer
– Manage the pace of lectures that are heavy on content and short on time
– Successfully field and answer questions in a room full of hundreds of students
– Enjoy and feel good about your lectures
– Handle distractions from students who are on Facebook, talking, packing up early, or coming in late
– Use your closing to generate excitement and get your students to want more


This two-hour public speaking program shows you three dozen practical strategies that you can use tomorrow to give a more compelling lecture, and how to generate excitement, enthusiasm, and passion for your lectures even if your topics are dry or boring.

We know how it feels when you have to give a lecture to a room full of students that wouldn’t listen to you if they weren’t required to.  

In fact, we asked people just like you and here were their top 11 concerns.

See if any of these ring a bell for you…
– How to you deliver value to students?
– What if you’re a researcher, not a teacher?
– What if you get resistance right off the bat?
– How do you show confidence with 75 students on laptops?
– How do you hold people’s attention for an hour…or more?
– How do you cover everything?  (There’s just so much!)
– How will you be seen in front of other people?
– What is the balance between content and process and skill?
– How do you look credible regardless of cultural background?
– How do you deal with different levels?
– How do you make it audience focused rather than information focused?

We will cover all these concerns.

In this program, Jason unveils the presentation skills needed to make dry topics come to life and generate the kind of excitement that will make your lectures entertaining and useful for your listeners.


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