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Jay Abraham – 87 Question Analysis

Jay Abraham – 87 Question Analysis.pdf
[Questionnaire (PDF)]

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Jay Abraham – 87 Question Analysis
Self-Diagnostic Assessment Test

An intensive questionnaire. The odds of you answering 3 or 4 on almost all of these questions is probably 0.

Introduction from the document:
“Dear Business Owner:
A lot of people fixate on the abstract concept of trying to work “on” their business,
instead of “in” it. I’m a more direct and logical thinker. I’ve always tried to figure out how to get a business to work harder for its owner than he or she worked for it. A simple difference perhaps.
But a major difference, nonetheless.
With my driving thought always being how many ways I can help get your business
working harder and better for you — I’ve created an 87-question, self-diagnostic assessment test
called “How Do You And Your Business Stack Up?”. It asks some very straightforward, (yet highly revealing) questions designed to instantly detect whether or not your business could — and should — be working harder and more profitably for you — And if so, precisely where you have the most room for improvement.
I invite you to sit down right now and go through the 87 questions on this test — the
answers and their business/financial implications to you will be self-evident. Once you’ve completed all 87 questions, see where you stand (see self-diagnostic interpretation section at the end).
If your business IS working as hard and as profitably as it should for you, in gratitude, I want to include you for the newest book I’m working on, tentatively titled “Making Your Business Really Pay Off.”
If you scored a 35 or less, perhaps you should give careful consideration to finding a
better approach for your business. Marketing Makeover, profit-maximizing and strategy restructuring one-on-one program we’re having in July. At the very least, you might benefit from reviewing the executive summary overview that I’ve included with this assessment.
It’s a shame to see promising businesses under-perform their capability to deliver more income, certainty, profits and wealth to their owners — if it’s easily doable. Frequently, merely shifting the marketing you do, the strategy you follow and/or the money-making system you implement can double, re-double and even re-double — again — the income and profits your business delivers to you.
I created this self-diagnostic assessment test to see whether or not your business could be — and should be — delivering more pay-off for you. I’ll be interested in the conclusion you come up with after reading the diagnostic scale at the end of the test.
Here now are the 87 questions to answer. Be candid with yourself; since you alone will
know the exact answers and their profit implications.”


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