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Jay Abraham – Exclusive Mastermind Report

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I’m very close to thinking this might be the most important document Jay has ever created.

It’s not in any of his books. (I’m not just saying that. I’ve never found it, and you can even go look for it. It ain’t anywhere.)

It’s a 24 page exclusive report Jay did explaining The Mastermind Principle.

He goes into depth and goes way beyond what napoleon hill talks about.

Just let me say WHY this document may be the most important reading any of us do:
1. BizIgniter IS a mastermind. That’s a great reason already.
2. But even more so, what is Jay Abraham known for besides being a “marketing genius”? His mastermind marketing seminars. The way he always has panels. How he leverages other people’s intelligence and ideas and then uses hybrids of everything he learns.

Out of everything Jay does, and out of everything you may ever do in your life – having the type of mastermind – in your business, marriage, life – may be the most important thing you ever learn how to do.

(And for all those ‘Dr. Paul’ fanatics and ‘Relationship’ guys – he does say you need your opposite.)

Anyway, you got to check this document out. But don’t just stash it away. It’s only 24 pages. Download it and READ it. Then think of how you can start to implement it.


P.S. Besides Jay, you’ll quickly realize, when you think about it, how Dan Kennedy, John Reese, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett etc etc all apply this principle.

P.P.S. Page 14 has one of the greatest pieces of advice you may ever read.

P.P.P.S. On page 22, the quick story about how Jay got 50 attorneys on the phone for a mastermind session when he was facing a legal problem is pretty amazing. haha I mean, how awesome is that? Bartering tape sets for an hour of time from 50 attorneys at the same time haha

P.P.P.P.S One last thing. I’d say also…think of how you can use Jay’s 9 Drivers of Leverage to get the most out of ANYTHING you do. Combine a mastermind with any of these leverage points that exist in a problem you have…can you imagine? Trying to get a book published? Find a mastermind group who has the distribution channel and get them all together to help you find the best way. Trying to improve your tennis game? Get some awesome tennis players together and have them, together with you, break down the Ideology (mindset) and strategy they use to win so many games and help you come up with a process/mindset/strategy yourself. Have problems with a certain girl? Have…well, ThePlace.Click (haha)…have them help formulate a strategy with you and get 50 guys opinions and see what the best way could be.
By the way, the 9 Leverage Drivers of Business according to Jay are:
Business Model.
Distribution Channels.
Products and Services.
Processes, Procedures, Systems (Management)


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