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Jay Abraham – The Marketing Wizard’s Edge Vols 1 & 2

Jay Abraham – The Marketing Wizard’s Edge Vols. 1 & 2
[24 CDs (MP3)]

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Another Exclusive From CCFLYER – Jay Abraham’s Marketing Wizard’s Edge Vol. I & II

Note: I am aware that vol. II is already up and have previously downloaded them.

HOWEVER, I tested both and it seems the audios don’t match up.  Maybe the one
I have is an older or newer version but it seems a bit different so I’m uploading
both at once.

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Jay Abraham – The Marketing Wizard’s Edge Vol. I &  II

Jay usually does a different focused interview subscription service every year. In the Wizard’s Edge program we turned it around and had a professional radio journalist interview Jay deeply, once a month for ninety relentlessly focused minutes on a different profit enhancement topic each month. Over two years we created 24, 90-minute tightly edited turnabout interviews that focused Jay in answering the questions in a thoroughly detailed, fully actionable way you could directly apply.


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