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Jeff Clark – The Sourcer’s Apprentice

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Amazon Book Selling – The Sourcer’s Mindset

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Author: Jeff Clark
Distributed by Jim Cockrum

“What can I sell on Amazon?”

This magically “boring” product is cheap, abundant and brings huge margins once you know the secrets!

You might be surprised to hear that BOOKS could be the BEST answer to your Amazon inventory sourcing woes! Sourcing requires no sorcery in this smoking hot niche!

It’s almost 2016, and this just doesn’t seem possible, but we can prove that BOOKS defy common sense and remain a “magical” lucrative niche market for numerous Amazon sellers.

The facts are, the return rate and customer complaint rate are low, and the hottest inventory is everywhere! If you are ignoring books, it’s time to take another look at this “boring” niche that could be stuffing your stats on Amazon!

Jeff Clark – Head Sourcer at The Sourcer’s Apprentice – has written a guide to starting your Amazon business by sourcing and selling books!

In this guidebook, Jeff shows you:

  • What type of books to look for
  • What type of books to walk away from!
  • How some books become valuable, while similar ones don’t
  • Where to find the best sources for books, including a strategy that starts right in your own home!
  • How to price your books on Amazon
  • The psychology behind pricing strategies
  • ONE TIP that will make your phone ring with people offering you books to sell!
  • Online and mobile tools to help your sourcing
  • And much more!

    Jeff has been selling successfully online since 2006. Within months of discovering Amazon, Jeff had built up a one-man, six-figure business, applying the principles he had already learned about the mindset of the Sourcer and the mindset of the Buyer – principles that he shares for the first time EVER in this book!

    Are you frustrated at trying to find good inventory?

    Does it seem like your Amazon business will never get off the ground? Are you discouraged searching place after place looking for things to sell and coming up short? Or are you just paralyzed contemplating ALL the myriad varieties of items you could possibly sell?

    This book will show you how to find valuable inventory in your town, in your neighborhood, even right in your own home! Following the guidelines Jeff teaches, you can quickly build up your Amazon business and make it profitable. In addition, Jeff shares dozens of helpful examples from his own business, including how he earned a 450,000% ROI from just ONE item!

    In This Book You Get:

  • Step-by-step instructions on finding profitable books to sell on Amazon, starting with your own home!
  • Insights into the psychology of selling – analyses of the Sourcer’s Mindset and the Buyer’s Mindset.
  • Access to The Sourcer’s Apprentice private Facebook group – where members share sourcing strategies, sourcing finds and encouragement!
  • Access to The Sourcer’s Apprentice video archive – where Jeff shares his sourcing adventures and teaches valuable lessons about sourcing at auctions, garage sales, estate sales, retail stores, thrift stores and more!
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