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Jeff Paul and Jim Fleck – Killer Copywriting

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Jeff Paul – Killer Copywriting
Jealously guarded secrets of writing copy so good, you could sell sand in the desert
185 pages

This is a pretty good book on copywriting because it goes over the fundamentals, and has a small swipe file in the back of the book.

Chapters are:
Chapter 1 Conventional Advertising Wisdom Myths Blown To Bits! The Advertising Industry’s Lies Exposed!
Chapter 2 Everything You’ve Been Taught About Writing Copy That Sells Is Wrong! The Shocking Truth Revealed!
Chapter 3 Here’s The REAL Definition Of Advertising You’ll Never Learn Anywhere Else!
Chapter 4 Secrets Of Getting Ready To Write Killer Advertising Copy!
Chapter 5 What You MUST Know About Human Nature In Order To Transform Your Ordinary Copy…To Become Killer Copy That SELLS!
Chapter 6 Do You Have A Damn Good Answer To These Four Questions? If Not, You Won’t Sell Anything To Anyone!
Chapter 7 The Hidden, Buried Secrets Of Killer Advertising Copy From The Old Time Advertising Masters!
Chapter 8 The Jealously Guarded, Secret Killer Advertising Formulas That Work Over And Over!
Chapter 9 The Single Most Important Part Of Killer Copy! Mess This Up, And Your Advertising Will Always Fail!
Chapter 10 Little Known Headline Writing Shortcuts And Tips!
Chapter 11 How To Write Copy So Good You Could Sell Sand In The Desert!
Chapter 12 37 Body Copy Tips
Chapter 13 The Final Word
Appendix 1 A Quick Guide To Research
Appendix 2 100 Headline Templates
Appendix 3 How To Make Money With Killer Copywriting


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