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Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula – CD-ROM Tutorials

Product Launch Formula – CD-ROM Tutorials

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First, this is how this the set will be posted:  This is the first part of what will be a total of four parts.  Part 1 (this product) are the 9 cd-rom tutorials.  Part 2 will be the DVD.  Part 3 will be the 10 audio interviews, and part 4 will be the scanned workbook.


Nine screen-capture video CDs that take you through every piece of product launch strategies, tactics, triggers, and sequences. You will see actual email sequences, blog posts, videos, and web pages as you are walked step-by-step through six different product launches.

Thanks to Diddlebutt.

This is being uploaded on bitme also, because some members there are now members here and have pledged donations if needed.  Diddle has not begun the auction yet on ebay to resell it back.  So enjoy and hope Diddle can get back what diddle paid for it.


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