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Google Tag Manager
Brought to you by
Jeff Sauer – Google Tag Manager GB

Want to make your advertising and analytics 10X more effective? GTM Course by Jeffalytics is the fast-track to learning Tag Manager, so you can immediately get more value out of your online marketing efforts.

GTM Course by Jeffalytics is an on-demand, online training program that teaches marketers, analysts, and website owners how to rapidly build their Google Tag Manager skills.

We’ll start with the basics, and by the end of this training, you’ll understand how to unlock a whole new world of marketing insights.

In this training program you’ll learn:

   – How to save time and money tagging your website, while reducing tracking errors
   – How to upgrade your analytics using the GTM power tools – tags, triggers and variables
   – How to add 70+ advertising and analytics tools to your website using code-free tag templates
   – How to enhance your website experience by adding event tracking to optimize your content
   – How to measure the real value of your advertising campaigns using conversion pixel templates
   – How to prevent your tracking code from going obsolete every time Google makes a change, by putting your Google tracking code updates on autopilot
   – How to test and debug your tracking in minutes, so you can confidently and quickly install your own tracking without having to wait on web development
   – How to simplify your analytics, while getting direct access to better data to make better marketing decisions
   – Skills that will add immediate value to your business, increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, and maximize the earning potential for your organization

Why are GTM skills critical to digital marketing?

These days, there are tags (or pixels or scripts or tracking codes) for everything – Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, LinkedIn, etc. are all asking you to add code to your website to track advertising performance.

Manually adding new tags to your site is often slow, messy and frustrating.

Getting new tracking tags added on a website usually means waiting on web development to add your code to your site, which can take days, weeks or even years to accomplish! These delays cost money and time.

Manually adding tracking scripts can also cause other problems. The scripts can drastically slow down your website. They frequently break your site or cause javascript errors, and they need to be updated regularly.

There’s an easier way to get the marketing data you need to add value to your organization.

Take back control of your tracking and add more value to your marketing with GTM

Google Tag Manager is a virtually code-less solution for adding tracking tags to your website and mobile apps. This revolutionary platform gives control back to the marketing team, so you can make faster and more informed decisions.

When you know how to use GTM, you don’t have to wait to install new tags. GTM also keeps your website loading fast, and safe from corrupt tracking scripts.

And GTM has built-in event  triggers that allow you to collect more impactful marketing data. GTM is like the ultimate set of digital marketing power tools.

Build your skills quickly, without making drastic mistakes

Learning fundamental GTM skills can drastically increase your value as a marketing professional. These skills can also save website owners loads of money.

But the GTM interface is not always intuitive. And using GTM without proper technique can have some unfortunate outcomes… like making your analytics tracking code disappear or accidentally inflating the metrics in your analytics account.

You could try to figure out GTM by sifting through Google’s documentation, or sloshing through endless hours of demo videos. But that can take forever! And both of these approaches will leave you with more questions than answers.

A better way to learn GTM

Introducing GTM Course by Jeffalytics, an online course pulled straight from the classroom to teach you Google Tag Manager from the ground up.

I’ve figured out a better way for you to learn GTM… By doing it Live!

Instead of trying to teach you GTM through boring definitions and demos, GTM Course walks you through a real implementation of GTM on a live website.

The course helps you master the fundamental GTM components that save you time and money tracking your website.

In just 16 video lessons, you’ll learn how to use GTM with competence and confidence. You’ll be able to break free of tracking code barriers. And you’ll be able to take control of tracking the data you need to be a better marketer.

GTM Course by Jeffalytics is the fast track to learning how to use Google Tag Manager.


GOOGLE TAG MANAGER DECODED – Learn how to dive into GTM with confidence and purpose

   – GTM Terminology – Gain a straightforward understanding of GTM most critical components  
   – Getting started in Tag Manager – Creating your brand new account
   – How and why Tag Manager simplifies digital marketing


WORKING IN TAG MANAGER – Time saving solutions that will make tagging and tracking easier

   – Build your account the right way from day 1 – Workspace and workflow
   – Digital marketing power tools – Tags and triggers
   – Put your Google code updates on autopilot with the GA tag template
   – Publishing your first container – The safe way to tag and track
   – A codeless installation of GTM
   – How to know that your GTM installation was a success


EVENT TRACKING IN GOOGLE TAG MANAGER – Using GTM to add more value to your measurement and marketing skills

   – Gaining buy-in from your company and clients to leverage your new GTM skills
   – The gateway to on-page data – Event Tracking
   – Variables and triggers – The keys to automating your tracking
   – How to install new tracking with confidence – Creating and testing triggers


TAGGING YOUR WEBSITE – The secret to upgrading your analytics effectively and quickly

   – Using video tracking to find out what your customers really think of your video content
   – The secret to automating your event tracking – Dynamic variables
   – Troubleshooting made easy – Using GTM version control
   – Learn how much of your content your visitors really read – Scroll tracking
   – Reduce your bounce rate with user interaction events
   – Using Real-Time reports to see your immediate results


THE DATA LAYER AND BEYOND – Enter the analytics Matrix and remove the limitations from your measurement capabilities

   – Tracking the data that will help you get more leads – Lead form tracking
   – Using outbound link tracking to learn where your customers go when they leave your site
   – Using PPC tag templates to get better conversion data, without coding
   – Using download tracking to learn which content your website visitors really want
   – Removing the barriers to your data tracking skills by accessing the data layer
   – How to keep advanced tracking simple
   – Seeing the results of your hard work in Google Analytics


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