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Jeffrey T. Sooey – 3 Hour Niche Masterclass + Bonuses (5 MP4 + 5 MOV + 4 MP3 + 8 PDF + 1 NUMBERS + 1 TXT)

Jeffrey T. Sooey – 3 hour niche masterclass

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The 3 Hour Niche Masterclass teaches coaches to research, select, and validate their perfect coaching niche… in less than three hours.
This masterclass is for coaches who are wondering if they’re “coaching the right people”.
During the 3 Hour Niche Masterclass, coaches will learn:
• The BASICS of Coaching Niches
• The Secrets To Researching And Selecting Your PERFECT Coaching Niche
• The Mistakes to Avoid so You NEVER DAMAGE Your Business From Bad Marketing Decisions
• The ADVANCED TECHNIQUES For Using These Tactics to Build a Successful Niche Strategy

In this 180-minute master class, you will also learn:
The BIG LIST of 28 Niches That Are Working For Coaches TODAY
The FREE Online Tools That Speed up Your Niche Research And Testing
The “Niche Intuition” Mindset That Helped Top Coaches to Manifest Their Perfect Niche
The 4 Mega-niches (These Are Billion-dollar Coaching Markets)… And The Ugly Truth about the Niche That Most Coaches Choose
How Small is TOO SMALL (And How Big is TOO BIG) For Your Coaching Niche
A Simple Way To Get Clear on Your Niche That Works For Any Coach


“Determine your coaching type” video training

Before you research the best niche coaching markets, it’s helpful to figure out what type of coach you’re going to be for your clients, because that determines the value you’ll offer them.
Remember, in this video training, you’ll learn the five coaching typesand how to know which type(s) you are (and which types you aren’t…).
Once you know the type of coach you are most suited to become, you’ll:
• Know what kind of value you can bring to your clients.
• Be ready to choose a niche and market your coaching services.
• Feel confident in your unique ability to help people.
• Discover your core coaching asset that makes a successful coaching practice possible.

ebook: “4 magic niche questions”

Although the 3 Hour Niche Masterclass will cover everything you need to choose the best niche for you, I’d suggest you start with these four simple questions you can ask immediately to discover a perfect niche for your coaching services.
Remember, this special report will teach you four simple questions you can ask immediately to discover a perfect niche for your coaching services.
Once you learn these questions, you’ll:
• Magically tap into your unique gifts and passions that will drive your coaching practice.
• Position yourself to connect who you are with the best coaching client for you.
• Discover your perfect coaching client.

Cash From The Crash Training

A New Course For Making More Cash During The Financial Crash
In This Course, You’ll Learn:
• How the internet is taking jobs away from some and giving large amounts of cash to others
• How to make the secret changes to create millions during the rest of the crisis
• How I Made 30K per month, taking two months vacation as others went bankrupt
This program is designed to teach you each of the new ‘Crash Profit Centers’ and give you insider “skill training” for setting up your cash-flow system and other critical elements during the crisis period.

The Five Mindsets of Coaching Greatness video training:

No matter what techniques you use, you need to have the foundation of a specific mindset to change lives.
In this bonus training, you’ll learn
• the 5 mindsets you must know to deliver a solid session
• how to literally ‘program yourself’ with each mindset before any session to make you the most powerful coach possible.

The Ten Foundational Coaching Skills video training:

• With these skills, you’ll develop the ability to create instant unstoppable confidence to promise your clients, “I know I can help you.”
• With these skills, you’ll change your clients’ lives and hear them thank you as they share the results you helped them achieve.

Keyword research tools (how to use google keyword planner) video training: How to do Keyword Research For a Coaching Business

One of the most common hiccups that I notice with coaches that are researching their niche is that they botch their niche KEYWORD RESEARCH.
These ADVANCED trainings will help you avoid EXACTLY THAT… so you make sure you do the keyword research right the first time.
Although we cover keyword research in 3 Hour Niche, since it’s such a critical aspect of the niche research (and selection/validation) process, I wanted to make sure that you get the best support possible, especially in this area.
If you’re accurate with the keyword research, you’ll make good niche choices and you’ll have a head start on marketing to your niche.
Make sense?
So how do you do PERFECT keyword research?
These advanced trainings will guide you on your keyword research process and the tools you need to master in order to do it

The elevator pitch:

Are You Pigeon-Holed by Your Elevator Pitch?
One of the most ways to clearly articulate your niche position is through your ELEVATOR PITCH.
This ADVANCED training will help you do EXACTLY THAT…
Once you sculpt your perfect elevator pitch, you’ll create even more clarity for YOURSELF as to your niche and your mission to serve it, as well as have the capability to share that with ANYONE within 10 seconds or less.
Sound useful?
It is.
This elevator pitch blueprint is all you’ll need to make it all happen
Also in this talk:
• Naming Your Signature Talk
• Why Most Coaches Websites Kill Your Credibility
• The “Fill in The Blank” Elevator Pitch Blueprint

How to get leads from networking video training:

Networking is very clear, straightforward and direct way to start generating relationships on an immediate basis. The reason is simply that the point of networking is to create new relationships. That’s why everyone you will meet in networking is networking. Because they want to meet you! You really don’t have to work that hard to meet people in a networking engagement, they will work their butts off to meet you; you just have to be receptive enough.


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