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Jennifer Ledbetter (PotPieGirl) – What Works Now 2019

What Works NOW 2019 from PotPieGirl
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Jennifer Ledbetter (PotPieGirl) – What Works Now 2019

This is a BONUS for the Group Buy for the Jon Dykstra – $997 Blog Traffic & Income Coaching:


Here are the numbers of how much Jon Dykstra’s niche sites are earning:

Site 1:  $10.66 per article per month.  It has 2,848 published articles and earned $30,065 in November.

Site 2:  $130 per article per month.  It has only 38 published articles while earning $4,940 in November.  This an example of this metric being skewed because the lion’s share of revenue is from promoting a recurring commission product over the course of many years.  However, it does illustrate how a B2B niche site can earn well without much content.

Site 3: $6.96 per article per month.  This is very ballpark.  It’s a site I bought.  Before I added content to it, it earned maybe $100 to $200 per month with 20,000 articles (yeah, I know).  Over the past 5 months I’ve added 240 articles and in November it earned $1,670.  I based the $6.96 on the 240 articles I published because they earn most of the revenue.  I suspect this one will go up over time.  Much of the content is new.

Site 4:  $1.82 per article per month.  This site is a big maybe.  It has 269 articles on it and is well over 1 year old.  I work on it sporadically.  I’m not sure it’s going to work out.

Site 5:  $1.83 per article per month.  I’m very optimistic about this site.  I just converted it from a local lead gen site in the law niche to a full blown fun law/legal niche blog.  I guess I couldn’t entirely leave the law.  It has 46 published articles.  I’m waiting to get premium ad network ads on it which should increase revenue nicely.  I’m adding content weekly.

Site 6: $.09 per article per month.  I just started working on this site after bailing on it 1 year ago.  It has 34 articles on it.  I don’t have my premium advertisers on it and until I do, revenue won’t be great.  I’m adding content weekly.

Site 7:  $0.  this is brand new with a few published posts. I don’t have any ads on it yet.

This Group Buy is OPEN.

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