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Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry – Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life

Jim Benson & Tonianne DeMaria Barry – Personal Kanban – Mapping Work – Navigating Life
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Please Note:
If you want a simple, one page read about what Kanban is, then please take a look at the Author’s webpage link up above.

Machines need to be productive. People need to be effective. Productivity books focus on doing more, Jim and Tonianne want you to focus on doing better. Personal Kanban is about choosing the right work at the right time. Recognizing why we do the things we do. Understanding the impact of our actions. Creating value – not just product. For ourselves, our families, our friends, our co-workers. For our legacy. Personal Kanban takes the same Lean principles from manufacturing that led the Japanese auto industry to become a global leader in quality, and applies them to individual and team work. Personal Kanban asks only that we visualize our work and limit our work-in-progress. Visualizing work allows us to transform our conceptual and threatening workload into an actionable, context-sensitive flow. Limiting our work-in-progress helps us complete what we start and understand the value of our choices. Combined, these two simple acts encourage us to improve the way we work and the way we make choices to balance our personal, professional, and social lives. Neither a prescription nor a plan, Personal Kanban provides a light, actionable, achievable framework for understanding our work and its context. This book describes why students, parents, business leaders, major corporations, and world governments all see immediate results with Personal Kanban.

The original source was EPUB. I converted it to the other formats using Calibre. I was none to happy with how the PDF turned out. So please feel free to start back with the EPUB and do your own conversion to see if you can get a better result.

For a good video explanation of KanBan, please refer to the following link:

Steve Smith – Kanban Fundamentals


As I mentioned in the PLEASE NOTE a couple of lines up, the PDF on this really sucks! Everyone has suggested Calibre in the past, so that is what I used.

In the meantime, MasterMind42 down below in post #296750, has an awesome version that he converted that just blows this one away! He also left a link on instructions on how he does it.

If you are using the MOBI version, you may want to check out that link MM recommends and convert from the original EPUB and see if you get something better.

Sorry about the inconvenience, but now I know for any future ones I do.


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