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Jim Camp – Cold Calling That Works

Jim Camp – Cold Calling That Works
[4 CDs (M4A)]

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Is prospecting or cold-calling part of your job responsibilities? Want to become more effective in cold-calling and prospecting for qualified leads?

The Camp Negotiation Prospecting/Cold Calling Four-CD Set

Learn to apply Jim Camp’s negotiation training system to prospecting and cold calling with these CDs. You receive more than six hours of high-content, real-world negotiation training principles and concepts that you can use in your own prospecting and cold calling. You’ll hear negotiation expert Jim Camp recorded live with real clients so that the prospecting and cold calling examples are real-world.

The four CDs include discussions and descriptions of the behaviors of top prospectors for business, script-building, phone work, handling objections, qualifying prospects, and more. These CDs are perfect for the person who must meet and attract new customers to their business.

Just a few of the things you’ll learn include:

   * Why so many salespeople get a negative reaction from their prospects
   * What negotiation and prospecting have to do with each other
   * Eight things people do wrong in cold calling
   * What stops us from prospecting
   * How to negotiate valid appointments with prospects
   * The worst thing you can do to kill a cold call
   * How to help the prospect become receptive to your call
   * How your product’s features and benefits fit into prospecting
   * How to build a phone script, word for word, for any environment
   * How to handle a skeptic
   * How to handle multiple decision-makers
   * How to maximize your referrals
   * The structure and components of prospecting
   * Many more principles, rules, and tools to become an effective prospector

   “Jim, I just had to tell you that because of you I am staying in commercial real estate. I was ready to give up when you started coaching me. It is incredible what happens when I am driving and listening to all the negotiation training CD’s but especially the cold calling CD’s. They are amazing. I literally have meetings every day I want them. My calendar is full and I have closed more property in the last six months in this tough market than I had in the past two years. You told me you would coach me and teach me how to fish, you have. I told everyone in my office about you and they still think I am just lucky. Good for me. I am the top guy by a lot.”
   Craig Lambkill

   “First, I’ll say outright that I love your negotiation book, and the CD course is excellent. There’s no question in my mind that Start with No® is the finest work on negotiation available today.”
   Shawn Michael Fisher, Fisher Biomedical Incorporated

   “I have the negotiation training CDs and have been listening over and over. VERY impactful.
   Steve Chandler

PRICE: $235

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These prospecting and cold calling CDs are perfect for the sales professional who needs help getting in the door of a prospective client. There is so much content in these prospecting and cold calling CDs that you’ll be learning and trying new ideas for months to come. Plus it’s an entire mind-shift from the traditional cold calling approaches. You’ll be amazed at how well these ideas work!

Want to know the contents of the Prospecting CDs? Here they are:

Disc 1:

  1. To Search Out, To Find and Embrace Elements for Success
  2. Why Don’t We Prospect?
  3. How We Must Be Seen
  4. What We Do Speaks So Loudly They Can’t Hear What We Say

Disc 2:

  1. What Do We Say, How Do We Say It?
  2. How Do They See It?
  3. Turning the Negative Negotiation Around
  4. Structure: Pain, Solving Their Real Problem

Disc 3:

  1. Cold Calling, The Worst Way To Do Business
  2. Cold Calling, The Most Important Way To Be Able To Do Business

Disc 4:

  1. Negotiating a Valid Appointment
  2. The Managed Referral System

PRICE: $235

US orders are shipped via FedEx 3-day air.
International orders are shipped via USPS first class mail.

   “I have heard and tried every cold calling script, read every book, and until I heard Jim’s prospecting CD’s I was just wasting my time. They are so unbelievable. I have listen to them 10 times at least. I learn something new every time. I am now taking notes when I listen just as a reminder. The whole thing is no one else is teaching the way you guys teach. I didn’t believe it but you guys “are” the secret weapon.”
   Jerry Proctor

   “I’ve got your CDs and started to listen intensely to them. (again & again just to be sure that I understand fully & correctly). Interesting, very interesting, they (cds) are definitely worth their money, in my opinion. Thanks a lot.”
   Josef Muknsnabl

But wait, there’s more!

Jim Camp will personally guarantee your satisfaction with these prospecting and cold calling CDs or he will refund your money in full.

100% Guaranteed! No Risk!

What are you waiting for? Dramatically increase your prospecting success today!


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