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Jim Meisenheimer – How To Sell Anything for List Price

Jim Meisenheimer – List Price Teleseminar.pdf
[1 Transcript (PDF)]

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Jim Meisenheimer – How To Sell Anything for List Price [1 Transcript (PDF)]

Some great idea of Value versus Price.

This is the transcript for the CDs of this teleseminar:


This CD will increase the profitability of your sales. I’m going to spill my guts on how to sell at higher margins.

This CD discusses:

   * your pricing mindset
   * your value value mindset
   * the three biggest pricing mistakes most salespeople make
   * the quickest and surest way to guarantee forever and throughout eternity that you will never sell anything at “List Price”
   * how to size up your customer/prospects problems
   * the quickest way to set up “High Value” solutions
   * how you can establish a genuine value for your products and services
   * how you think is everything, sales talk – what to say and what to avoid
   * how to deal with somebody who asks you “How much does this cost?”

Plus much more . .


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