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Joe DiNapoli – Trading With DiNapoli Levels

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Trading with DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets (10)

One of the best technical trading books to come along in decades -DiNapoli explains Fibonacci analysis so anyone can understand – and profit – from it. Called “a treasure-trove of golden nuggets every trader who wants to be successful should pay heed to,” DiNapoli covers: the context for entering a trade, different trading styles, how psychology can torpedo knowledge and your ability to turn a profit and more. Plus, step by step, bar by bar, he teaches the practical applications of Fibonacci analysis – from an absolute master of the game.

Section One: Introduction

1. Trading Methods
Judgmental versus Non-Judgmental Trading Systems
2. Prerequisites
Ground Rules and Definitions
3. The Essential Components Of A Successful Trading Approach

Section Two: Context

4. Trend Analysis
Displaced Moving Averages
5. Trend Analysis
MACD/Stochastic Combination
6. Directional Indicators
Nine Power Patterns For High Probability Trading Signals
7. Overbought & Oversold
Oscillators: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why

Section Three: Context

8. Fibonacci Analysis, Basic
9. DiNapoli Levels
10.DiNapoli Levels
11. Trading With DiNapoli Levels
12. Tying It Together
13. Fibonacci Tactics
14. Avoiding a Typical Mistake
15. More Market Examples

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