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Joe McCall – REI Blueprint Webinar

REI Blueprint Webinar
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Description of REI Blueprint Webinar

A Step by Step Blueprint to Finding and
Buying Houses Cheaper than Anyone Else!

Joe McCall introduces and hosts this webinar but the main speakers are two other real estate investors. They detail how they get a constant flow of amazing real estate deals almost on autopilot.

Topics Covered:

-Convert unwanted properties into BIG checks
-Finding Hidden Inventory from Local Banks
-Get HUGE discounts with Short Sales
-Turning trash leads into cash flow with Lease Options
-Business automation

This webinar has concrete actionable steps you can take right away but it does have an upsell product that costs 1500. I have started a group buy for that product here if you are interested:

I had to request it after watching their webinar. The sales page doesn’t look like much but I have been through more real estate investing courses than I care to share and this webinar had some of the most creative, intriguing, and promising methods I have seen in a long time.

Tons of $$ to be made here.

Not to mention, they seem like excellent teachers who can walk through a step by step process and not hold anything back.

Joe McCall (industry leading real estate investor/teacher) gives his full endorsement of this product.

Incredible tool for investors, flippers, wholesalers, agents, or virtual wholesaling.


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