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Joe Polish – Genius Network Experience 2015 –

Joe Polish – Genius Network Experience 2015 – [ 24 videos (MP4-FLV) + 12 documents (PDF-DOC) ]
[24 videos (MP4-FLV) + 12 documents (PDF-DOC)]

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Note: Towards the end of November, Joe Polish/Dean Graziosi ran a live online event that was essentially promoting their “Genius Network Experience 2015” – Below is all the digital content that was provided.

There was extra physical content; A journal, T-shirt, 6-month productivity toolkit planner and “The Genius Wisdom Collection (Volume 2 – Updated for 2016)” – However I will not be able to scan the wisdom collection.

They have removed the sales-page/live video feed so I can’t link to that directly. However, below is a quote from the purchase confirmation email

**** TCG Exclusive ****

Free for all TCG Users – Was sold for $1,700


Here’s a summary of all the tools you’ll be getting with this program:

  • 15 Multipliers and Experts Reveal their Top Current Strategies to Help Build & Grow Your Business.

    Captured direct from the Genius Network Annual Event (which attendees paid $10K to attend), you get access to the very best wisdom, strategy, and insights to make this your best year!  (delivered physically on USB and available online)

  • 5 Additional “Best Of” Videos to help you accelerate the growth of your business from:

    Sally Hogshead (7 Advantages of Fascination), Dean Graziosi (Your Sales Video Blueprint), Mike Koenigs (24 Strategies for Video Success), Dan Sullivan (The Freedom Cycle), and Joel Weldon (Telling Your Personal Story).  Up until now, these were only available to Genius Network/25K members and had not been available to the public.  (delivered physically on USB and available online)  

  • Genius Storyboards™ Action Guides:

    Condensed, illustrated wisdom and hot tips so you can take action.  It’s the perfect complement to the 15 Multiplier’s Video Collection. (delivered physically and online)

  • The 4-Step Formula to Identify, Attract, and Hire A-Level Talent:

    What’s the cost of one bad hire?  What’s it worth to get a top performer?  Whether you’re outsourcing, hiring part time, full time, or executive level positions, this step by step process helps you get the right person the first time, every time.  You get access to this updated program with the templates, checklists, blueprints, sample ads, sample position descriptions, and video training to get it right. (online access)

  • The Genius Network Toolkit:

    You can solve any problem or challenge with a Genius Network – once you know how.  This tutorial walks you through a step by step formula to become a better leader, contributor, and value creator. (online access)


    Implementation Blueprint

    –> Implement Blueprint
    –> Joe’s Consumer Guide Template
    –> Consumer Awareness Guide Generator Tool
    –> Bonus – First chapter of Cameron Herold’s book Double Double.

    15 Featured Multiplier Strategies – 15 Featured Multiplier Strategies From The Genius Network Annual Event

    1.    Alex Charfen – The Entrepreneurial Personality Type
    2.    Brendon Burchard – The Path to 50 Million Views and $50 Million
    3.    Cameron Herold – Vivid Visions Align Your World
    4.    Dan Sullivan – Changing Your Game
    5.    Dr. Daniel Amen – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
    6.    David Bach – The Six Week Sabbatical
    7.    Dean Graziosi – Success Habits
    8.    Harvey Mackay – Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate and Outnegotiate Your Competition
    9.    John Paul DeJoria – How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur
    10.    Lisa Sasevich – Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers
    11.    Mike Koenigs – Double Your Revenue in One Year: How to Build, Engage and Monetize Your Audience with Webcasts – Live, Interactive Online BizLearning
    12.    Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis: Insights Interview
    13.    Sean Stephenson – WHAT’S THAT SMELL? How Success Can Stink!
    14.    Steve Sims – The Tale of the Handwritten Note
    15.    Victoria Labalme – Rock The Room: Communicate with Impact, Anywhere, Anytime

    5 “Best Of” Strategies – Top Ideas Worth Using™ from the 2015 Genius Network Members’ 10 Minute Talks®

    1.    Sally Hogshead: The 7 Advantages of Fascination
    2.    Dean Graziosi: Sales Video Blueprint
    3.    Mike Koenigs – 24 ways to Look Great on Camera
    4.    Dan Sullivan: “The Freedom Cycle”
    5.    Joel Weldon: Telling Your Personal Story

    Hiring Top Talent Toolkit – The 4-Step Formula to Identify, Attract, and Hire A-Level Talent – Full-Time, Part-Time, or Outsource Team Members

    –> Main Video – The 4-Step Formula to Identify, Attract, and Hire A-Level Talent
    –> Hiring Workbook
    –> 10 Minute Talk – (Dan Kuschell – The 4 Step Formula to Identify, Attract and Hire 5-Star Talent)
    –> Position Filler Formula Tool
    –> Email Templates
       — Assignment Request Email
       — Initial Interview Setup Email Sequence
       — Kolbe Request Email
       — No Referral Emails
       — Video Request Email
    –> Interview Outlines

    Genius Networking Toolkit – The Genius Network Toolkit is the best method to build, grow, and connect to your ‘Genius Network®’. It is for high-­achievers who want to tap into the wisdom of their networks and maximize their relationships.

    –> Genius Networking Tool (PDF)
    –> Genius Networking Toolkit – Main Video

    This exclusive content is available for all users.

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