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Joel J. Davis – Google Analytics Demystified (Third Edition)

Joel J. Davis – Google Analytics Demystified (Third Edition)
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Google Analytics Demystified (Third Edition)
by Joel J. Davis

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A great deal has changed over the past year since the Second Edition was published. Google has added many new features to help you better understand the dynamics of your digital property.

The Third Edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect today’s Google Analytics features. Reflecting user comments to prior editions, discussions and examples have also been expanded and refocused to make content even more actionable. The Third Edition shows you how you can use Google Analytics to immediately make better informed and therefore more successful decisions.

The book’s sequential approach shows you how to use and apply Google Analytics to answer questions such as:

* How are visitors finding my site and what do they do when they arrive? What are the most common entrance pages? What are the most common exit pages?

* Which content do my visitors find most interesting and motivating? How much of my content is actually being consumed? What do visitors do after they read my content?

* How easily can site visitors find what they are looking for? Is my site content aligned with the search terms visitors use to find content?

*What can I do to improve visitors’ experience and facilitate site interaction?

* How effective are my campaigns and how can I make them even more effective?

* How are my site transactions influenced by visitor characteristics, site usage, and other aspects of site engagement?

* How do I create and evaluate site goals?

* How can I conduct tests to optimize my site’s layout, content, organization, and navigation?

* How can I identify and examine the characteristics and behaviors of key subgroups of site visitors?

* How can I monitor and evaluate important site interactions, such as downloads, video viewing, and page scrolling?

* How can I ensure the integrity of my data by eliminating referral and ghost spam?

* What can I learn from an examination of individual visitors and their behaviors?

There are also self-assessment questions, application exercises, and case studies (all with answers provided) to ensure your full understanding of Google Analytics.

Finally, the book’s content has been cross-referenced to the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam, significantly improving your chances of passing the exam should you wish to take it.





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