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John Carlton – Marketing Rebel Rant

John Carlton – 11 Rebel Rant issues
[11 Issues (PDF)]

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If you’d rather be lazy, here are the 11 free Rebel Rant issues offered at Johns site.
If anyone has…oh, say…all of the rest of the issues haha…feel free to go wild and upload them.

If you have all the backissues, and you don’t mind uploading – that would be “kick ass”.

The free issues are just damn good.

“The Marketing Rebel
Welcome To Your Free And Totally Uncensored
Viewing Of The Entire First Year (Almost) Of The Internationally-Acclaimed Insider Newsletter On Embarrassingly-Effective Advertising, Marketing & Copywriting

   *  How to get more important stuff done than you ever dreamed possible… and do it almost accidentally, and without effort.  (Discovered by the laziest — and richest — marketing genius you’ll ever meet.)

   * Why there are almost NO real Internet “experts” out there right now — it’s all changing too fast.  The ones who brag they know it all are mostly just lucky… and luck never lasts.  However, there is one honest secret to staying on top of the latest and greatest selling tools on the Web.  And I haven’t met a geek yet who knows what it is.  (I’ll reveal it to you, though.)

   * What professional marketers know (and rookies never learn) about the “grief and heat” of the most profitable markets in the world… and why you need to understand what you’re in for before you go after the money.  (Critical info most marketers never discover until it’s too late.  Could legally save your ass, plus multiple your cash.)

   * Should you really be tailoring your message to reach the largest number of potential customers possible?  Not if you want to make serious profits.  Even savvy marketers are often astonished that what really works seems to defy common sense.

   * Street-level “dirty tricks” that work like crazy to force prospects to order immediately.  (Very sneaky stuff.)

   * How the real professionals in marketing answer the question:  “How will I know if what I’m doing is working?”  Surprising answer will give you the inside track on creating killer marketing campaigns that pull in hordes of cash-rich customers fast.  Takes all the guesswork out of creating winning ads.

   * A simple way to make absolutely sure you never get harmed by any of the evil computer viruses out there… even if you never use a firewall or virus protection software!  (Plus — the simple “classic” tactic all the top Web marketers are suddenly doing to double profits overnight.)

   * The secret to quickly solving ALL the problems between you and massive success!  It’s insanely more easy than you’d ever guess… yet not one businessman in a thousand ever discovers how to do it on their own.

   * How to “go deep” with your advertising… so your customer feels you’re talking straight at him, and you clearly appear as the best guy in the world to go to for what you offer.  (Slaughter your competition with this single simple tactic.)

   * How to beef up your testimonials so they multiply the effectiveness of your ad… and don’t hurt your sales pitch, like most of the lame testimonials out there do.  It’s a huge difference, and all you need to know is the simple secret of positioning the quotes so they pull the most weight for your pitch.”

etc etc.
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