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John Childers – Million Dollar Speaker Training

John Childers – Million Dollar Speaker Training [powerpoint(17 mp3) 4 day event]
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This is the $5k down and than $25k from your profits for a total of $30,000

How To Make An Obscene Amount Of Money In Public Speaking Even If You Have No Experience Or Current Topic!

Learn The Secrets Of A Mississippi Farmer Who Makes Millions In Public Speaking Every Year
(And Most People Have Never Heard Of Him!)

   * Are you interested in becoming a public speaker but have no idea where to start?
   * Do you have a passion in life but don’t know how to turn it into a profitable business?
   * Are you already speaking but not making as much money as you want to?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, your life is about to change!

After 5 Years Of Solid Proof, Dozens Of Sold Out Events,
And THOUSANDS Of Individuals Taught
To Become Highly Paid Speakers…

A Brand New Training Reveals The Deepest Secrets Of Becoming Successful In The Insanely Profitable Seminar Industry!

Dear Friend,

If you ever dreamed of becoming a highly paid speaker, but just didn’t know where to start, or if you have been speaking for a while and want to go to the next level, listen up!

My name is John Childers and I have been making millions of dollars every year in public speaking, and yet, most people have never heard of me!

I live on a farm in Mississippi, I have a southern accent, and I am not famous. And yet, year after year, I bring in a boat load of money by using the highest paid skill – public speaking. The funny thing is, people in town have no idea what I do. And that’s OK with me. I live a quiet life and enjoy living an enviable lifestyle.

For over 5 years, I have been teaching a “Million Dollar Speaker Training.” Thousands of students learned how to break into the insanely profitable seminar industry. Here’s what I noticed about them…

   * Many of them used to think that it would be too difficult to get speaking engagements…
   * Most of them thought you had to be famous or well connected to get invited to speak…
   * Majority of them had no idea how to make serious money through public speaking…
   * Some of them didn’t have expertise in any certain topic…
   * A large number of them worried that it would cost too much to promote themselves…
   * Quite a few of them wondered how to get over the fear of speaking…

You want to know what happened?

At the Million Dollar Speaker Training, they learned a step-by-step proven system how anyone can create a multi-million dollar seminar business even if they have no speaking experience, no current topic of expertise, small marketing budget and little time!

You see, there is a powerful and profitable system that the “guru’s” use to run their seminar businesses.

Now, of course, they don’t want you to know about it.

They are making millions with it. Why would they want to create more competition?

“The Masked Magician Reveals The Secrets!”

Have you watched that show in the late 90’s?

You know, it’s the one where a masked magician was revealing industry secrets of some of the most coveted and longstanding magic tricks.

What was amazing to me is that you can watch magicians perform tricks and you can be wrecking your brain for days, weeks, or months and you still cannot figure out how they did it. And then, once somebody shows you the secret, comes the A-HA moment, after which everything seems simple!

A great magician does not just stumble upon a successful trick. He carefully plans it out and perfects his craft until he can perform it with incredible precision that amazes and astounds his audience.

The Coveted Secret In The Seminar Industry…

Unlike what you may have thought, one is not born to be a successful public speaker. While some personal traits and characteristics are helpful in the actual art of speaking, to create a highly profitable speaking business, you need a proven system!

The sad truth is, many would-be speakers never make it. . . or limp along without making the money they would like. . . and never achieve the name recognition they want because. . .

Most speakers – even professionals with years of experience – don’t know the techniques that make the difference between barely making it and making it big.

What do I mean by “big”?

You can literally earn millions of dollars teaching seminars!

I know it sounds unbelievable to some people, but if you’ve ever been to a seminar, you know how the money is made. They are selling you information and they are delivering it one time to many people at the same time.

There are principles and concepts that make this what has been called…


The great news is – right now, you have the opportunity to master this profession.

You can learn the secrets that have been kept behind locked doors by ultra-successful public speakers. The same secrets they used to build MEGA speaking empires.

“How?” you ask.

Simply Follow A Surefire
100% Guaranteed Proven System

Simple To Implement And Proven Again And Again
To Create A Successful Cash-Generating
Self-Growing Seminar Business…

Here is the deal…

You don’t have to be super smart, famous, wealthy, or have a ground breaking never-before-heard-of product or nave ANY product for that matter to become filthy rich… you simply have to imitate a proven system that already works and implement it in your business.

That’s all there is to it!

Find someone who is successful and simply do what they do.

As long as you can listen and follow the advice of people who have “been there, done that,” you have it made.

You learn what worked to help them become successful. You learn how to avoid the mistakes they made that slowed them down. You find out step-by-step how they achieved the level of success they enjoy – the same level of success you desperately crave and deserve.

This Is Your Personal Invitation To Get Involved In…
“The Speaking System”

“The Speaking System” is the most complete training program to give you everything you need to know to become extremely successful in the seminar business.

I am going to reveal to you the strategies I’ve used for over 25 years to be one of the world’s highest paid speakers.

You will learn the exact steps I used to achieve as much as $1,500,000 in product sales after making just a 22 minute presentation!

I have also carefully hand-picked a few experts who work with me and my business on daily basis. You will learn all the different techniques they use to grow our seminar company.

What’s The Investment?

Let me warn you: My Million Dollar Speaking System is the most expensive of its kind – your investment to participate is $30,000.

That figure stuns at first. It may be stunning you right now. But I want you to write that number down on a piece of paper and I’ll explain why in a second.

Go ahead, friend. Write down $30,000 on a sheet of paper now!

If you’re like most people I meet for the first time, when I am done telling you what you get for your $30,000 investment you will agree that I should be charging twice as much for this system.  

Plus, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY most of it until it works for you (more about that later…)

Two Parts Of “The Speaking System”

The Speaking System consists of 2 parts:

1. “Million Dollar Speaker Training” Home Study Program
2. “Seminar Speaker Training” – 4 Day Live Advanced Training

You will learn all my methods, mindset and strategies so that you can become a highly profitable public speaker.  You will be able to master the critical areas of the speaking business, get coached by me and my experts and mastermind in the live training with lots of like-minded, highly motivated speakers and entrepreneurs

After going through the Speaking System, you will be able to make five, or even six figure income as a public speaker from the platform, year after year!!

“Million Dollar Speaker Training”
Home Study Program

After teaching and perfecting the Million Dollar Speaker Training for over 5 years, we have turned it into a program that you can study at your own pace.

We video and audio recorded every minute of the training to give you all the ideas, strategies and methods that I have been teaching students.

This home study program builds a solid base for your speaking business in four areas:

1. The Business Of Seminars
2. Product Development
3. Marketing Yourself & Your Seminars
4. Your Killer Sales Presentation

1. The Business Of Seminars

You will learn how the industry operates and how to enter into it quickly and get your share of the pie.

   * The difference between public speaking and profit speaking. You must know the difference to enter the ranks of the elite, highest-paid speakers.
   * Who uses agents — and why? Do you need one?
   * Keynote speeches, workshops, professional training. Can you do them all? You can if you know how to restructure your core information.
   * The kiss-of-death speaking ‘opportunities’ you want to avoid at all costs. (Yes, there are some venues that can do you more harm than good, no matter what they pay!)
   * The right ‘survival kit’ can save you from the most horrendous experiences. I’ll tell you exactly what you need to have in your suitcase or briefcase to avoid disasters experienced by every speaker sooner or later. (I’ll be waiting for your email to thank me for this the first time you dive into your kit to save the day!)
   * How to set fees. . . and negotiate “extras” in your compensation that puts money right in your pocket.
   * Master the five traits meeting organizers dream about in their speakers. (This information alone will increase your speaking opportunities exponentially!)
   * Why some speakers can demand enormous fees. . . and others can barely cover their expenses. (You must know this to avoid having a ‘settle for’ income as a speaker.)

You will also learn what is involved in putting on a successful seminar:

   * How to get the hotel to give you perks most other speakers don’t even know to ask for.
   * The one thing you can do starting immediately that will mean more to your financial success than any other single thing you do as a speaker.
   * How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes that trip up most speakers (yes, even the seasoned pros).
   * How to squeeze out the maximum amount of cash from every speaking engagement, regardless to the time of year.
   * What to do when things aren’t quite as you expected. (You’d better be light on your feet! The unexpected happens all the time!)
   * How to create a speaking ‘portfolio’ that gives you more versatility. . . and money-making opportunities.

2. Product Development

Your job as a platform selling speaker is to convince your audience that you have the answer to their wants, needs or problems. You will give them that answer in different methods of learning. To become a successful seminar speaker you will need to have different types of products that you can offer to audiences.

Here are some of the topics we will cover:

   * How to turn what you already know into a powerful course or workshop
   * How to unearth high-demand products your audiences clamor for so you can clean up on the speaking circuit
   * How to find the right equipment, with serial codes and all.
   * How to create professional quality products for a fraction of regular cost
   * How to drastically increase the perceived value of your products so that the price becomes a non-issue
   * How to find the right method of delivery for every niche and topic to maximize your profit potential

3. Marketing

You cannot afford to waste your money on haphazard marketing efforts. You need to have a well planned marketing system that guides every step of your marketing campaigns.

Creating this system does not have to be difficult. All you need are proven strategies and an effective way to put them together into a powerful success process. Here are some of the things you will learn:  

   * What is the best way to collect a huge database of names fast.
   * How to create a profitable direct mail campaign that pulls laser targeted leads into your database.
   * How to write your marketing copy to the subconscious mind so that people read every word.
   * How to make people salivate over your offer.
   * How to triple the response to the same mailing pieces you have right now by one simple technique.
   * How to cut your advertising costs dramatically.
   * How to overcome sales resistance to your marketing pieces.
   * Which words undermine your credibility in marketing copy.
   * What marketing system we use to put people in Million Dollar Speaking System.

4. Your Killer Sales Presentation

There are many different strategies for selling from the platform. Some are very direct and pushy while others are more subtle.

You will learn how to develop the most powerful style of selling in which the audience does not even realize that you are selling them anything. And as you close your presentation, many of them will run to the back of the room to buy your products!

You will master the art of presenting:

   * How to use Power Point, slides, overheads … and know which gives you the most bang for the buck. (And when is your speech more powerful with no visuals at all).
   * How to develop your signature style and give riveting platform speeches on any topic, at anytime, anywhere in the world.
   * How to sell from the “virtual platform” “Internet” and fatten your bank account… even while you sleep.
   * How to “close” a high percentage of your audience to buy instantly.
   * How to use 3 public speaking techniques to make your audience think you’re a pro – even if it’s your first effort.
   * How to GUARANTEE you get the highest marks from attendees … and extract more cash after your “close.”
   * How to prevent yourself from rushing your “close.”
   * How to regain control when a ‘loose cannon’ in the audience needs to be shut down — Jay Leno knows this secret, but David Letterman doesn’t.
   * How to maintain your authority on and off the platform.
   * Telltale signs that tip the audience off that you’re not genuine. Authenticity is everything in creating rapport with the audience.
   * “Magic words” to connect with your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats.
   * The exact structure of power presentations that makes you the one they remember… and buy your products.
   * How to create ‘an experience’ and not simply deliver a speech.

You will be armed with “A CHILDERS CLOSE” — 14 crucial ingredients for a powerful sales presentation!

For years, people have been asking me what they need to have in their presentation to have a powerful effect on the audience and increase their close ratio. So I have put it together in one powerful presentation, where I go through 14 critical points that will make or break your sales presentation.

This information is the result of 25 years of speaking and testing everything I could think of to increase my close ratio. I want to save you all that time and put you right on top with the best speakers.

Here are some insider secrets you will learn:

   * How to build up your credibility even if you are just starting out.
   * How to initiate excitement in your audience even if you are speaking on a serious  topic. (this one tip will turn around a boring presentation)
   * How to get powerful testimonials to use in your presentation.
   * What is the one major responsibility you have when you make a sales presentation  (I bet you did not know you had a responsibility).
   * How to present your offer at the end of your talk without sounding like a  salesperson.
   * What is the one thing you should ALWAYS end your presentations with (it’s  surprising how many speakers do not do this)

One of the most important tools to create an effective sales presentation is knowing how and when to place different parts of your speech.

You will learn a powerful presentation timeline — how to structure your presentation pieces to build a need for your product.

I love it when I hear people talk about my presentations and say that one of the reasons they invested in my training is because I was teaching them so much and was not trying to sell them like other speakers.

You know my take on this — your presentation has to teach valuable information. But you still do have to sell at the end. So how do you put together a smooth flowing presentation?

Here is what you are going to learn in that session…

   * How to create the logical timeline of your presentation
   * How to lay out all the key components in smooth flowing sequence.
   * Where to plug in your stories, jokes and examples for maximum effect.
   * How to transition into a sales explanation (this is one of the questions that even  seasoned speakers stumble on)
   * Where to use “Childers Chunks” to tremendously boost your sales.

What You Get

As you can tell, there is a lot of information that is covered in the Million Dollar Speaker Training program. And I want to make sure it is easy for you to get everything you need out of it. So you are going to receive it in several different ways:

The Library Edition

You will receive a complete set of professionally recorded DVDs of the entire Million Dollar Speaker Training. There are 17 Sessions on different topics outlined above.

It is intense. It’s like being there. You can listen and watch as I demonstrate using your body language, working the audience and using powerful closing techniques.

You will also receive full audio recordings in MP3 format so that you can listen to them on your computer, iPod, or even iPhone. The digital documents will be provided for your use in your speaking business.

This is the training you will want to repeat several times and have access to for the rest of your speaking career. They are there for you to research, review and dig right into the subject matter that you want.

The Travel Edition

You will receive a CD-Rom with a state-of-the-art piece of software that will be a control center for your learning.

This software disk will give you access to all the tools, materials and recordings so that you can take it with you on the road – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide. That way, you will have all the necessary information at your fingertips right when you need it most.

The videos in the control center are broken up by topic, so if you are doing a seminar somewhere, and want to refresh your memory on a specific strategy or method, you can just put the disk in, log in and pick the topic you need.

You will also have all the digital audios accessible from the control center, as well as, any digital documents you might need.

Systematic Control System

On a regular interval basis, we will be contacting you by email to let you know what you should be doing now, where you should be in your training, and whether you are on track.

Bonus Items

My claim to fame is that I over-deliver on my products. These bonus items are going to be products that you can not only study but re-sell or give as bonuses to your students.

Now, THAT is a lot of value in itself.

In fact, up until December 2007, my students have been paying $30,000 for this program alone!

But this is just the first part of the Speaking System!

Let me present to you the newest addition…

Live Four Day
Seminar Speaker Training

As I mentioned before, for over 5 years, thousands of students went through my Million Dollar Speaker Training and many of them became successful.

For the last couple years, many of my students have been asking me to teach them more.

They wanted an advanced training that would pick up where the first one stopped and cover more topics that would help them be successful.

Now, I have a lot of information to cover about the speaking business.

In fact, back in the 80’s I was training a group of 125 speakers who had to fly out to Seattle, WA every month for 2 days where I would teach them how to get better on the stage. This went on for 16 months. So I am not going to run out of information any time soon…

So I listened to my students!

I listened to find out what they wanted to know more about and that’s what Seminar Speaker Training is going to cover.

This is a training program designed from speaker’s requests!

There are some of the topics that we will cover:

The Plan

People often want to know,

   * How is it actually you make a million dollars in the seminar business?
   * Could you break it down for me, step by step?
   * What product do I need?
   * What price do I need?
   * How many seminars should I do during a year?
   * How many people do I need to put into a seminar?
   * How much do I need to net per person?
   * How much product do I need to sell per event?

So we are going to go through the plan, step by step.

The Highest Paid Speaking Positions

Another question I often hear,

   * What are the highest paid speaking positions?
   * How do you get them?

If you want to be a hired gun, I am going to show you who to go to, who to talk to and how to get those positions.

They are not the easiest positions to get, especially if you don’t know how.

The Bread And Butter Seminar Business

If you can’t get a speaking engagement with someone else, put on your own event.

We are going to lay out each step to create your own profitable seminars.

Building A Paid And Paying Group Of Followers

This is the key to the entire industry!

You need to have a database of people who love you, trust you, follow you and stay in contact with you. They will stick with you because you are giving them what they need.

We will cover how to build that kind of following, what to offer them, what to charge them, how to work your database properly without upsetting them.

Speaking Website/s

In today’s world, you must have internet presence to compete with other speakers.

It allows you to create your image, generate leads, communicate with your database and accomplishes many other tasks.

So what kind of a website should a speaker have?

Actually, there are three types of websites that you have to have:

   * A branding site
   * A solicitation site
   * A sales site

We are going to show you how to build each type and how they all coordinate with each other to pull in maximum profit.

You will be building these three types of websites for the rest of your career, over and over again.

Taking Your Speaking Internationally

Since 2006, I have been speaking all over the world.

Once you learn the keys to speaking internationally, you will realize that you can make a lot of money by capitalizing on what’s happening in other countries and timing your opportunities right.

I am going to show you not only how I did it, but how you can become an international speaker.

It’s not as hard as it sounds! You just have to know the steps.

How To Plan, Research, Teach, And Market
Your Published Work

People ask me all the time,

   * How do I publish my own book?
   * Do I need a ghostwriter?
   * Can I get a publishing contract?
   * How do I get leads with my book?

Your Product Development Program

I am going to uncover some secrets on how you can implement a system where everything you do becomes another valuable product.

You have to create this system if you want to survive the competition.

How To Perfect Your Success Story

Everyone needs that rags-to-riches success story. You have to be able to motivate people to achieve higher dreams by showing them a personal example. You have to show them why you are the absolute best person that they should follow.

You will learn how to develop your story and how to present it in a way that it’s true, but it sounds enchanting, motivating, and exciting.

Double Dip At Your Speaking Events

There are many ways with which you can double your income with the same amount of travel.

I have been doing it for years. And most people have no idea how to do is and they get tired of travelling too much just to reach a certain income goal.

I am going to show you exactly how you can do it.

Maximize And Monetize Your Time On The Road

If you are going to be on the road, you might as well get paid for it. And get paid very well…

You will learn some practical tips that will result in more cash in your pocket.

These are just some of the topics
that are going to be covered
at this advanced training.

You need to be there!

It will take you to the next level!

And when I say “the next level,” we are not talking about making just $10,000-$15,000 more than you made last year.

We are talking about making $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 more and sometimes even double what you are making right now.

This is the world’s most profitable profession and you need to continue learning so that you can go to the next level and capitalize on those tremendous profits.

Now that you see what an incredible value the Speaking System is, let’s talk about your investment again.

I am going to make you an incredible offer:

I’ll Finance 80% Of Your Tuition

You’re probably saying to yourself:

“Okay, John … if you’re so confident that your Million Dollar Speaking System will work for me, why don’t you just let me attend and I’ll pay you out of the money I make later?”

Friend, if you asked me that same question eye-to-eye, do you know what I’d tell you right now? I’d tell you, “Okay, you’re on. I’ll do it!”

Did I just get your attention?

I hope I got your attention because that’s the way I deal with my students who enroll in my Million Dollar Speaking System.

Pay Me Back With Zero Interest

Here’s the deal:

The total tuition for the Speaking System will be split up into 3 parts. The initial training materials ($3,000) and the live training deposit ($3,000) are due now so that you can receive your materials and get started immediately. You will also be registered for the upcoming live training. The remainder will be paid out of your earnings as a speaker.

This means you pay only $6,000 initial payment and then you pay the $24,000 balance you owe me from what you make from the speaking gigs you get later on.

If you do what I teach you, you shouldn’t have a problem paying me back within 12 months after your formal training. But if you don’t make any money, you won’t owe me a dime.

Case closed.

So that $30,000 figure you just wrote down on that piece of paper is no longer such a big amount now, is it?

And in case you’re wondering about the initial $6,000 payment, I have a risk-free TRIPLE guarantee you’ll never see or hear about from anyone else …

Here it is:

As I said, your total investment for the formal training is $30,000 — 20% of which is due now to start your training.

I allow you to pay your 80% balance (the money you owe me) out of future speaking gigs!

Do the math. Won’t you earn tens of thousands of dollars before you take care of your debt?

Doesn’t this sound more appealing to you now? You might as well tear up that piece of paper because you won’t be in my debt very long.

BOTTOM LINE: You’ll receive training for a $6,000 payment on your tuition and pay the balance only when you’re earning money as a highly paid platform speaker.

“Satisfaction” Guarantee #1

Your initial materials are fully guaranteed. You will have 30 days to study the training materials. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the materials in good condition and your deposit will be refunded.

“Satisfaction” Guarantee #2

The live training deposit is also fully guaranteed. You must attend the entire training and participate in all the exercises. If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the last day of the training, your deposit will be refunded.

“It Must Work ” Guarantee #3

You send me 25 cents out of every dollar you earn from your platform sales revenue until your debt is paid off.

Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

And get this: Even if you don’t make any money from what I’ve trained you to do as a public speaker, you’ll owe me nothing more for the training beyond the initial $6,000.

I’m so confident in my ability to train you in becoming a million dollar public speaker I’m willing to take the entire burden of risk on MY shoulders!

With such a powerful 3-Part Guarantee,
what do you have to lose?

Nothing …right?

You bet I’m right.

And let me tell you another thing. My Three Day Live Advanced “Seminar Speaker Training” is NOT a seminar filled with rows and rows of faces.

To be effective, our enrollments will be kept small. That way I can keep my promise to give each of my students the attention they need and deserve.

That’s also why we fill-up fast. Fact is, we’re often booked months in advance. So if you want to attend, please make your reservation now in one of these two ways:


By now I hope you realize that public speaking is the fastest, easiest and best profession for the “little guy” to get rich with the least amount of financial outlay possible!

That’s why I keep referring to it as the “world’s highest paid profession” — and you will too, once you get a taste of the lifestyle, the fame, and moneymaking potential that’s waiting for you.

I’m a member of this profession. My friends and colleagues are members. And if you let me train you, you can become a member too!  

But Wait… There Is More!

One of the success principles that I learned early on is that…

…successful people are quick decision makers.

When they see a good deal, they go for it. They don’t sit there and wait before the opportunity is gone. They grab the bull by the horns and take charge of their success.

I am going to reward you for being decisive.

If you register by November 1st…

…I will decrease your live training deposit by $750.

So you only have to invest $5,250 to go through your training.


…I will let you bring a partner OR a family member for FREE!!!

You have to act fast, though.

“OK, I Don’t Want To Miss
The Seminar Speaker Training

Please Tell Me When And
Where I Need To Be…”

First, mark your calendar right now.

The Seminar Speaker Training is going to be held in beautiful Las Vegas, NV on December 4-7, 2008.

We have made arrangements at one of our favorite hotels – Green Valley Ranch. If you have not been at this hotel, get ready for an experience all of its own.

Green Valley Ranch is a luxury hotel with incredible service and great entertainment.



You will get more information about our special room rate and all the details after you register for the training.

Don’t wait any longer!

Register today and start your training immediately!

It makes no sense to wait. There’s unfound money, money you don’t know anything about that is waiting for you as public speaker. But it’s up to YOU to take that first small step…

Above all, remember this: I designed my Million Dollar Speaking System to help people just like you to make the most money with the least amount of financial outlay possible!

But I can’t help everyone up the mountain…

I just hope that you’re one of the handful of people who want to learn how public speaking can change your life by making your income and popularity soar.

As you’re reading this, you’re one step away from converting your career, your bank account and your life to the highest levels of wealth and prosperity you always knew you deserved.

So why don’t you take that first step?

Get off the sidelines and call the Wealth Academy now to reserve your seat for my Million Dollar Speaking System. Do it!!!  

I’ll see you in Nashville!

Very Truly Yours,


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