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John Gergye – Cash Copy Crash Course

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This eBook is on Copywriting. It’s 179 pages. It describes 32 parts every good sales letter has, and exactly how to use it when you’re writing sales letters. These are parts you will find used in sales letter by Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, Joe Vitale, Harlan Kilstein and many more. That is in section one.

Section two of this book shows you how to mindmap sales letters so you can ‘swipe’ them and have a worldclass sales letter for whatever product/service you are writing about.

This book is one of the more concise books on copywriting I have read – and it surprised me because the author really isn’t a well known copywriter.

You can check out the sales letter I bought this eBook from at:


I thought it was a REALLY good sales letter.


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