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Jon Buchan – Charm Offensive Lead Kingpin

Charm Offensive
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Jon Buchan – Charm Offensive Lead Kingpin

GB Page:

Wait Time:
VIP+   –   2 Weeks
PU+    –   7 Weeks

Sales pages…

This guy is #1 in four different subreddits right now… “The Drunk Cold Email That Saved My Life”…

He’s doing cold email VERY DIFFERENTLY from most people. And consistently landing meetings with Fortune 500s… and he’s also applied it to getting content published on BIG sites ( etc)… and for getting his students as many job interviews as they want… and a myriad of other things.

The beauty of his approach is that it will work for anything. Whether you want to get in meetings you otherwise have no business being in based on credentials alone… get sales calls and meetings, get PR, speaking gigs… what have you.

Check out this copy from one of his direct mail letters (here he’s doing “one-two punch” of direct mail + email).

(The first line, covered by the ferret, says “Hi Simon, you’ve never heard of me (Hi, I’m Jon!)”)

He’s got a long list of students absolutely crushing it with his formula and templates, some who’ve landed 7 figure deals.

Here’s where he’s selling his stuff:

I propose we get his “Lead Kingpin” package ($1,300) and the “Charm Offensive Template Swipe File” ($650).

Included in Lead Kingpin:

Magic Email Training – Recording Of Live Training
Charm Offensive 8 Part Cold Email Sequence
“One-Two Punch” Direct Mail -> Follow Up Email Template
LinkedIn Sales Navigator “Trigger” Search Filters List
LinkedIn Invite & Follow Up Message Template
How To Get On Podcasts & Book Speaking Gigs – Recording Of Live Training
How To Get Your “BIG” Content Published (e.g. Infographics) – Recording Of Live Training
Facebook Blueprint – 0-1000 Members in 30 Days – Recording Of Live Training
1 Hour Skype Session – Includes Creative/Copy Review For Your Campaigns (Hint: I’ll probably do more than one session with you!)

Included in Charm Offensive Template Swipe File:

All his best templates for:

Booking sales calls / meetings
Getting PR coverage
Getting on podcasts
Booking speaking gigs
Getting as many job interviews as you want
Getting people to events/seminars
Getting people into your Facebook group

Total cost: £1,496 – or roughly $1,936.

One lucky organizer will also get the 1 hour skype consultation.

For all the agency people and freelancers here, this one is a no-brainer. Same if you’re looking for interviews, podcast appearances or podcast guests, speaking gigs, or well, shit, just about anything.


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