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Jon Levine – Forex For Everyone

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Here are some more important things you will learn:

Pre Market Analysis:

* The four steps to take before you start your trading day.
* What you need to look for from the previous day to help you trade today.
* How to determine current market conditions immediately.

Trade Management – Entry & Exit:

* The truth about indicators.
* The six market conditions to watch and how to trade them.
* The best use of the indicators we use
* The best times of the day to get maximum profit with minimum risk.
* The tools to help you pinpoint a trade.
* The best way to enter and exit a trade.
* How to gauge volatility and trade accordingly.
* When to trade with the trend and when to counter trend.
* What to do when doubt creeps in and paralyzes you.
* How to avoid costly wipeouts.
* Which trades are the safest, and which ones are the riskiest.

Money Management:

* Exactly where to place the initial stop to virtually guarantee it not being hit.
* How and when to move the stop to breakeven to assure you are not taken out.
* The Five type of stops and what conditions to use them in for maximum profit.
* The best type of stops to use.
* The proper amount of money to risk per trade contract.
* The suggested dollar value per contract.


* Understand the day to day dynamics of price movement.
* Step by Step instruction through the complete trading process.
* Specific Methodology. Nothing hypothetical here.
* Realistic growth parameters.
* The market equilibrium point and what it means to your trading success.
* Understanding market news and why it is so important to you trading success.
* The only price bar that you need to watch.
* How to use leverage to rocket your trading capital safely.
* Detailed statistics of the Forex for Everyone system in action.


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