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Jon Loomer – Facebook Pixel Training (April 2019)

[GB] Jon Loomer – Facebook Pixel Training (April 2019)
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Training to advance your advertising in 2019

Lesson 1:

An Introduction to the Pixel
Guided, step-by-step process to set up your Facebook pixel the right way

Lesson 2:

Facebook Pixel Mastery
Website Custom Audiences, pixel events, dynamic ads, and more!

Lesson 3:

Unadvertised bonus lesson

Topics Covered
– What the Facebook pixel is and why it’s important
– Step-by-step process to set up your pixel
– Setting up manually, with a plugin, Google Tag Manager, and more
– Troubleshooting your pixel
– How to set up pixel events with custom parameters
– The Facebook pixel as related to Dynamic Ads
– Advanced Website Custom Audience creation
– Everything else you need to know about the pixel!

What You’ll Learn
Proper installation and implementation of the Facebook pixel is critical to your success as a Facebook advertiser. Get it wrong and impact your conversion tracking reports, optimization, results, and everything associated with selling, lead generation, and even driving traffic.

In this thorough training updated for 2019, you’ll learn the basics of installing and troubleshooting the pixel to the most advanced aspects of leveraging the pixel for event tracking, Dynamic Ads, and Website Custom Audience creation.

No more confusion and overwhelm. It’s time to get the pixel right and take advantage of what it can do for you and your business!


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