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Jon Loomer – Power Hitters Club Elite (January – June 2019)

Jon Loomer – Power Hitters Club Elite (Jan – Jun 2019)
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Jon Loomer – Power Hitter Club Elite (January – June 2019)

Sales page:

PHC – ELITE is my exclusive membership meant for the most advanced of Facebook advertisers.

Benefits to members include access to a private community of advanced advertisers, live and training replays, live weekly webinars, Quick Video Tutorials library, and virtual get-togethers.

How the PHC Will Help:

   Stay On Top of Changes

   One of the primary challenges for Facebook advertisers is that the tools are constantly changing. Keep up with the changes, thanks to a weekly 30-minute webinar (available live and recorded for PCH – Elite members).

   Quick Access to Help

   Within your community, there are hundreds of advanced advertisers with experience in Facebook ads covering a diverse representation of industry and country. Whatever your problem, someone else has already dealt with it.

   Sharpen Your Skills with Training

   If you need to get yourself caught up, you’ll have immediate access to replays of training programs that Jon has conducted in the past as well as access to live training that happens during your membership (PHC – Elite only).


238-The Anatomy of My Next Evergreen Campaign
239-How to Set Up Offline Events
240-My Evergreen Campaign (updated)
241-How I’m Using Campaign Budget Optimization
242-How to Use Geographic Microtargeting
244-The Difference Between Clicks
245-Surprise See the Brands That Have Your Contact Info
246-Top Fans
247-Evergreen Campaign Worksheet
248-Keep Up With Ads Manager Changes
249-Updates to Prevent Discrimination
250-How I Promoted My SMMW Session
251-Expanded Ad Transparency
252-Why I Deleted All of My Audiences
253-Ads Manager and Business Manager Updates
254-Facebook Pixel Event Setup Tool
255-F8, Facebook Earnings, and Updates
256-Set Up Appointment Booking
257-Where Did Info & Ads Go
258-How Does “Clear History” Impact Us
259-New Messenger Ad Design and Options
260-New Video Creation Kit Features
261-Commerce Manager
262-Fun With Campaign Budget Optimization
263-Update to Lead Forms

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