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Jonathan Budd – PPC Mastery Class 1 of 8

Jonathan Budd’s PPC Mastery Class 1 of 8
[Webinar (SWF)]

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This is the CLASS 1 of 8S from the recent group buy of Jonathan Budd’s Pay Per Click located here:

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In this session you’re going to learn…

How to create your adwords account in less then 5 minutes, set up your FIRST campaign, choose the right platform, and literally be ready to MARKET to millions of people.

A total explanation of the NEW google adwords interface, and ALL of the hidden ‘Gems’ buried inside of it that can mean 6 or 7 figures to your business.

How to organize your ad campaigns, ad groups, and keywords like the MILLION DOLLAR producers in our industry know how to do, so your adwords marketing is an efficient self sustaining MACHINE.

Where to run the most PROFITABLE reports you could for your business, and break down ANY ‘Weak Links’ in your adwords marketing to make them stronger.

How to split test ads, ad groups, and always find the BIGGEST winning combinations that pull in ‘leadership’ level income.

The secret formula I use to manage literally HUNDREDS of campaigns BY MYSELF, without needing to pay thousands monthly to adwords consultants… on TOP of running all the other pieces of my business.

Insider secrets into the ‘campaign settings’ function that can MAKE OR BREAK your business, and has the power to 150% your lead flow over night…

How to use the most ADVANCED tracking platforms that have EVER existed in our industry, to literally turn your business into an easily controllable science experiment that spits out the results YOU want it to. Hint hint: google doesn’t just have ANAYLTICS anymore, there is another feature they’ve recently added worth even MORE.


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